The Ministry of public security against Transnational telecommunications fraud 254 criminals were es

November 10th 9 pm, four aircraft from Indonesia Jakarta, Kampuchea Chinese charter flights took off in Phnom Penh landed in Beijing’s capital Shanghai, Pudong, Hangzhou, Xiaoshan and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 254 suspects were escorted home China police. So far, the national telecommunications network governance model against the special criminal action won the first battle, involving more than and 20 provinces in mainland and Hongkong more than 4000 large cross-border telecommunications fraud successfully solved.

according to the Ministry of public security criminal investigation bureau responsible person, in recent years, the high incidence of telecommunications fraud continues to become one kind of rose, the incidence of prominent criminal activities of the fastest. Because of this kind of crime is remote non-contact crime, criminals hiding overseas crazy crime, and with the help of modern technology and fast online banking transfer means changing crimes and keeping social hot spots designed to trick, according to different groups, "tailored" step sets, let people repeatedly cheated, serious violations of the vital interests the masses of the people, which brings risks to national security and social stability.

the CPC Central Committee and State Council attach great importance to the fight against the new type of illegal telecommunications network crime. General secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and Meng Jianzhu and other central leaders repeatedly made important instructions instructions, request to take comprehensive measures to strike out and crack down, to effectively curb the spread of telecommunications fraud, effectively safeguarding the fundamental interests of the masses. In order to effectively combat the formation of governance together, in June this year, the State Council approved the establishment by the 23 departments and units in the fight against illegal activities of telecom network governance model of inter ministerial joint conference system. On October 9th, Chinese state councilor, inter ministerial joint conference convener, Minister of public security Guo Shengkun issued orders in the first meeting of the joint meeting, 23 members of the unit to be jointly carried out a special operation against the management of telecommunication network model of criminal activities, and resolutely curb the momentum of the high incidence of telecommunications network crime. In October 30th, the inter ministerial joint conference office to carry out the management of special action to combat a six-month nationwide deployment. Since the special action, the public security organs to the party and the people highly responsible attitude, in close cooperation with the relevant departments to carry out combat operations, strengthen the regulation of the market focus on key areas, strengthen overseas police cooperation jointly carry out cross-border strikes, achieved initial success.

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found a large number of clues involving offshore in combat, the inter ministerial joint conference office decided to overseas telecommunications network fraud dens for the special action against the first goal. At the beginning of October, the Ministry of public security sent work teams to Indonesia, Kampuchea, Taiwan and Hongkong together with the local police to carry out ad hoc investigation. The working group to make full use of foreign and international police cooperation channels, to overcome the difficulties and obstacles, landing to find dens of crime, criminal evidence collection fixed. After continuous hard work and painstaking work of careful investigation, to find out the group more crime network and organization, find out a number of criminal groups and members of the organization of the crime dens hiding place.

October 19th, the Ministry of public security

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