Ma Yun and a new version of the new market strategy

      today received a phone call Mom, I thought I was advertising is sold out, but the phone inside the MM is very polite to ask me, my website put their ads? I should be extremely depressed! I’m not what is a large site, not essential. But the truth is the flow is not very high


      and playing on my private phone! I this number for how do I nets are eyeing Ali? With the full web page is the advertisement of the mom, I want to China the Internet again by Ali to seduce strange ah!!! Next should a large group of down advertising… Including Google advertising program.


      I think this is a personal attempt against Internet! And the mom with Ma sure enough, and the reasons are as follows:

      Alipay is a simple relationship to the mom??? Not too ambiguous relationship between reality!!

      two: Ali mother is too close to the Alibaba company! We look closely to know ah! (in the legal provisions of the inside), there are too many other common ah!

      what is the reason that will lead to Jack Ma look at the personal webmaster this cake!!!


      now the network world is divided into three famous old network, such as Sina, Baidu, Tencent, etc…. Seven or belongs to us! To the cost of advertising than in our personal Internet to come in the Internet!     why don’t you take this seven market. But the total effect than these to strong! (this is Ma customary practices, Taobao is the development of open!) this is one of the.

        second: Ali mother Alipay will bring more money to the asset is convergent!! according to return my idea is not now listed Ali will be money, this is the business is very good! Can have more funds for business investment projects!  

      third: Ali Mama advertising strategy will be divided into absolute control China nature of the Internet advertising market, improve the precision of the advertising market, if one day an enterprise to mom to buy a week of advertising, (now idle Ali Mama advertising) will appear over the enterprise advertising on the Internet, and.

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