Li Jiaoshou vice president of Baidu will be second Prince

today, Baidu announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Beijing by Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company founder, renowned marketing public "author Li Jingxie Lee beast team joined Baidu, vice president, Li Jing himself is still responsible for information technology companies were the original scientific creative marketing tools business, reporting to senior vice president Xiang Hailong Baidu. This means that only 25 years old Li Jing became the youngest vice president in Baidu.

as a 90 after the media entrepreneurs, Lee became the Internet giant VP, can be said to achieve a huge leap. Some time ago has been recognized as Baidu vice president, poor prince Li Mingyuan has been blasting the resignation, caused by various conspiracy conjecture. Lee is now the beast’s occupancy, it is inevitable that he was not allowed to go before the youngest Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan a comparison. Because the public is more familiar with Li Jiaoshou, so in the following refers to the founder of Lee beast that founder Li Jing.

why Baidu will buy Lee beast and let him become vice president

according to common sense, almost no company will be willing to hire people to work for their own company executives, not to mention the country’s top technology giant BAT Baidu. Baidu has pulled a no relevant management experience but the field of marketing is relatively well-known 90 became Vice President of Baidu, which wants to save their own brand image has been exposed.

Li Jiaoshou can be said to be critical, Baidu has high hopes for the. But it is hard to say whether he will be the next Li Mingyuan. You know, Li Mingyuan entered the Baidu in 2004 as an intern, during which was responsible for important projects of large and small ten Baidu, in 2016 November resignation, in addition to the position of vice president, it is already become one of the members of the E-Staff Baidu highest decision-making layer. Now Li Jiaoshou, even if you can control the decline in the situation of Baidu reputation, but it is still difficult to rely on this achievement to reach the height of Li Mingyuan.

some time ago Lao news wrote an article "Baidu Dr. Ma back" article mentioned in the article: Baidu in just one month even put the big move, have been set up to $200 million and 20 billion yuan Baidu Baidu venture capital. People can not help but doubt is not that Dr. Ma resolutely returned. The reason why the article is said, according to Robin Li’s character speculated that Robin Li had summed up his character: listen to the views of the majority, with a few people to discuss their own decisions. The wife and resolutely completely opposite, and this month the strokes like Robin Li style, more like Ma Dongmin as.

this is reminiscent of Robin Li and Melissa frequently pass divorce rumors. It is said that Robin Li has been holding a considerable stake in the Baidu and Robin Li, and even the right to vote higher than the. Until the divorce rumors subsided, B shares held by Melissa voting only to Robin Li’s class a shares. But that does not mean that Baidu has no influence. And because the two people behave differently in business and management

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