The Ministry reminded the site sponsor website record through formal channels

    Admin5 webmaster network on April 26th, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the latest news on the official website, the website of the website for the record to remind organizers through formal channels, the Ministry official website for the work without any form of "quick record", and do not charge any fees, beware of deception.

webmaster network editor noted that a recent period of time often reflect the site for the record number of their owners were unprovoked cancellation, which may be related to the record number by looking for someone to record or host information and website to record when the identity is not consistent, contact with relevant error. In view of the filing process provisions of the Ministry of filing center is more complex, many personal Adsense online through some proxy filing units or individuals on the site quickly for the record, according to the filing of the speed, the price ranging from 150-350. Because many are the personal agent for the record in the operation, there is no guarantee in terms of credibility, once the record number is canceled on the website with the domain name will be immediately removed IDC’s white list, the website is not normal access to the website, the founder of varying degrees of loss, so a lot of personal webmaster also looking overseas to avoid the host record and I also suggested that the relevant departments to simplify the filing process and support more young entrepreneurs through the Internet to conduct business.

the following is the Ministry of industry and information technology in the official website issued all the news:

to implement the central authorities to strengthen the management of the Internet industry requirements, ensure the healthy development of Internet information services, according to the "Internet information services management approach" (State Council Decree No. twenty-ninth), ministry organized work site for the record. Recently I received a report reflecting the so-called "website for the agency to provide" website "quick record", and started to charge the site sponsor, damage the lawful rights and interests of the site sponsor. In this part of my reminder, I work in the Ministry of the website without any form of fast filing, the filing does not charge any fees. The majority of the site sponsor through formal channels to carry out site record, beware of deception. Welcome all sectors of the community to monitor the work of the site.

if not for the record, the false record, the website for the record by the name of deception as a behavior, report to me, call 010-66418012, email [email protected], I will conduct the investigation and handling. Without filing, shall not engage in Internet information services. Through illegal channels for filing or false filing, once confirmed, will be canceled for the record, and shall be held responsible for the relevant units or personnel. Suspected of a crime, will be transferred to the Public Security Department of justice.

website filing procedures, time limits and the need to submit the website filing materials required for the following:

a website filing procedures and time limits

site sponsor required in accordance with the relevant requirements of the state, according to the website access service providers submit filing materials, and the access service providers to verify the authenticity of the archival materials, by the access service.

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