Robin Li expounded new thinking big data find valuable data is difficult

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) what is "there will be a big development in the next 5 years, BAT and will not do? Yesterday at the 2014 Baidu Union summit, Baidu CEO Robin Li share the two directions of the presence of coalition partners: the new enterprise software and new data.

in Robin Li seems that the future is a direction of big data analysis. A lot of data are worthless, especially for traditional industries. Now the data explosion, to solve the problem of excessive information explosion data."

"what we need is new data." Robin Li said.

it is understood that the complexity of the data type information, including industry data, LBS (location based service Location Based Service) data network image data, transaction data, voice data, document data, video data, wearable device data, the streets of the camera data and so on.

According to reports, Baidu

bracelet, glasses and other intelligent hardware to collect a lot of data, but did not find any specific purpose. Bracelet can record how many steps, how many calories consumed, but there is no way to predict the occurrence of the disease.

Robin Li believes that the next generation of data collection, the difficulty is not to create new hardware, but to find what data is valuable to you. "No data was found, and no matter how much it was produced, it was wasted." In the massive data mining valuable data, the need for cross domain thinking ability.

Application of

analysis in big data, has been a technology known Baidu Inc to development direction. 2014, April, Robin Li disclosure, is currently promoting a project called Baidu brain, using computer technology to simulate the human brain, you can do 2-3 years old children’s intelligence level.

he stressed that with the development of big data, as well as the Internet technology innovation and product costs continue to reduce, artificial intelligence will gradually affect people’s lives. Therefore, enterprises should make appropriate preparations for the artificial intelligence and innovation, in order to seize the initiative.

Robin Li also said that the new enterprise class software not only to solve the internal process, as well as external connections.

for example, restaurants can rely on dynamic pricing, so that enough people to enter the restaurant at a high enough price. Aviation, hotel and other service industries are the same. He believes that the use of such software to enhance efficiency has great potential for development.

as an enterprise level software development, not just inside the enterprise, the whole social efficiency will be greatly improved." Robin Li said.

Robin Li talk about the future of the two opportunities:

new enterprise software and new data analysis

annual Baidu Union summit is becoming the Internet industry weathervane, Robin Li every year at the summit

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