The rescue of gold 72 hours is running out fast to open their lives

rescue golden 72 hours to run out, stop talking start action.

tip: after the occurrence of geological disasters, such as earthquakes, during 72 hours, the survival rate of the victims with the passage of time showed a trend of decline. On the first day (i.e., within 24 hours), the survival rate of the rescued persons was about 90%; on the second day, the survival rate was 50%-60%; on the third day, the survival rate after 20%-30%. was not viable. From the experience of the Tangshan earthquake and other disasters, 10 Yu Tian after the disaster there are examples of survival, but that is a special case.

Beijing, May, according to Xinhua reports, Yingxiu Town, a strong aftershock again, some of the houses collapsed in the last earthquake did not collapse, landslides near the 15. The town of Yingxiu in this earthquake losses, 2/3 houses collapsed, more than and 200 people have been confirmed dead. At present, the town is still in the water power of the state, the original communication was interrupted completely. According to local people, Yingxiu town has more than ten thousand people, to 14 in the afternoon, only more than 2 thousand people survived, and in which more than one thousand people were seriously injured. Reporters on the scene saw that all the old houses collapsed, the new house is also severely damaged.

in the core area of the Sichuan earthquake, there are still three towns of the rescue work can not be carried out, and the rescue golden 72 hours soon exhausted, who quickly open their channel of life? From the May 12th earthquake in Sichuan has been more than 66 hours, less than ten hours of rest, is the most critical the moment. We should worry Sichuan’s urgent needs, a person to become the timely assistance. According to the latest news of the disaster area, Sichuan is currently in urgent need of 50 thousand tents, 200 thousand quilts and a large amount of saline and other drugs, because the central transportation problems in encouraging donation in the form of cash donations, stop talking and start


donation donations:

1, donations through bank

account: Red Cross Society of China

RMB Bank: Beijing branch of ICBC Dongsi South Branch

RMB account: 0200001009014413252

foreign currency bank: CITIC Bank Jiuxianqiao branch

foreign currency account: 7112111482600000209

2, donations through the post office

beneficiary: Red Cross Society of China

address: three Beixinqiao, Beijing, No. 8,


zip code: 100007

3, through online donations

Red Cross Society of China website: click into the online donation column, in accordance with the prompts can be. Or directly enter the URL: http://s.www.>

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