Check the open house net resurrection input D number check open house records containing 20 million


open room network hidden personal ID number, phone number and other information.


network can download files containing 20 million people information

original title: check open room network resurrection open room network follow the trend of

inquiries need to enter the ID number; open room hidden identity cards, telephone numbers and other content; including 20 million people open the room information can be downloaded

– "lost" personal information name check open house to check the "blocked" track

Beijing News (reporter Lin Ye) yesterday, the Beijing News reported the network check open house web site, you can query to include personal information, identity card number, address, birthday, mobile phone number, the website was inaccessible. Yesterday, the reporter found that the site can be used at the same time, the network and the emergence of a "real" website, specific information can be found citizens.

check open room network can continue to visit

the day before yesterday morning, the reporter had reported to the network 110 to check open house website leaked personal information, the site was unable to visit.

friends said yesterday that the site can be visited, the reporter then found that the authenticity of the inspection.

and before you can only enter the name of the query can be different, the site has become only the ID card can only be checked, and if there is no open room records, the site will not show.

Software Engineer pony told reporters that if the police blocked, it is unlikely to occur again, the only explanation is that the site is too large, resulting in the collapse.

open room network for users only entertainment

yesterday, check open room leaked information reported, the reader said there is also a network called Open House website, the domain name is

‘s inspection, found that the site does exist, called "a thousand million record query system". Reporters entering their name according to the query, the query results show that people open house open house time, gender and date of birth, nationality, and ID number, telephone, e-mail, home address four information was indeed faded or partially hidden.

According to the

website to provide contact information, contact the reporter called "open info sharing platform of users, he said the data from Baidu SkyDrive, this website just for recreational users, withheld some key information, so know who knew".

for reporters on suspicion of leaking privacy questions, the user did not reply.

open room information file has been downloaded 190 thousand times

yesterday, the reporter on the network to retrieve a 20 million open room information file, download the site shows that the file upload time is 10

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