nternet banking is just a prequel based on digital financial intelligence and ecology is the future

Abstract: in the era of digital finance, finance will truly become a way of life, and can affect our lives, just like the current live and virtual reality to our lives.


repeat, lack of innovation, the so-called Internet Co was eliminated, the Internet is gradually returning to nature. The main manifestation of the Internet boom driven by capital is the re recognition and re discovery of the internet.

We will return to the essence of

discovery process in the Internet there will always be some good things to be preserved and used by the surviving or new enterprises, and the remaining things is the most useful thing in the Internet era left us. Big data is the most important legacy of the Internet era remains".

as the Internet era, like other things, big data in the Internet era has begun to contact with our relevant industries. In the era of big data to assume the role of a large extent is a tool for the application, has not become a self-sufficient independent existence.

as big data and transportation, commerce, science and technology, such as the industry’s links, the same with the financial industry has had a relationship, and to some extent, promote the development of the financial industry.

internal and external, big data and financial depth integration

big data and financial depth of integration is a major manifestation of the financial Internet, which is what we usually talk about Internet banking. It is due to the emergence of Internet banking, big data will have the conditions and the financial industry to produce a deep relationship, and constantly enrich their own concepts, so that further financial data.

and for the financial terms, the support of big data allows it to get more accurate user data, transaction data, so as to make it more accurate and professional financial behavior.

endogenous financial data continue to enrich and develop. The Internet is one of the most important features of the financial era is different from the traditional financial era of financial behavior from the line to the line. The traditional financial behavior of more financial institutions online under the counter transactions under the line, the financial data of these endogenous individual independent existence to a great extent, and there is not much communication and contact with each other.

with the transfer of financial behavior from offline to online, the connotation of financial data has been further enriched and developed, we pay more into the online payment transactions, we become more of the online trading. The data behind these payments and transactions also began to contact the tool through the Internet, the integration of these data will become a part of our big data now and finishing.

traditional single independent data exist in the form of large data to further enrich and integration, endogenous financial data from the traditional static data into a dynamic data fusion. Endogenous >

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