Comsenz released Discuz 3 Beta version NT

the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) before the date (June 18, 2009) released Discuz NT 3 Beta version of the community. As an important part of Comsenz strategy, the Discuz community forum system Windows platform to launch the efficient, stable and open on! NT 3 development lasted nearly six months, the overall improvement of API mechanism of community products, optimize the overall efficiency of community forum system.

from open source to open, Discuz! NT 3 community products from the functional and open product transition, based on the concept of innovation, focusing on improving the community and even the product API open mechanism. After Discuz! NT 2.6 version, Discuz users to listen to suggestions! NT 3 product design made significant improvements in the product API open mechanism, API products were fully open, open the post, reply, create user, modify user information integration, create forum, forum list, by function access card list etc. that allows developers to complete the two development or system integration easily. API canceled the Discuz! 2.6 API in many of the features are limited by session, API can authorize the application to modify the user password, such as a series of operations, the real convenience of the user’s two development.

to enhance safety, community products API Discuz! NT API 3 uses a series of encryption algorithm to ensure the security of the API application, the official can be assured by third party developers need to go through the official certification after the user can rest assured. The improved version of API supports client calls, is also the client program can log in and use the API method based on security considerations for most of the client call procedures were strictly limited function, is not restricted to the administrator user, that user can use API to develop their own web site management tools.

Discuz! NT 3 code refactoring has solved the problem of product stability, the data and logic layer were completely separated, to avoid duplication of data method to increase function may increase after refactoring version function and lay a solid foundation. In the overall design of the UI and the user experience on the 3 to retain the traditional style of the Discuz at the same time to absorb a large number of users by the design elements of the, the formation of a unique style of innovation. The rapid development of the theme allows large forum which only focus on one section of the users to easily share their latest things, when the official version will record the user last selected section will see rapid login, registration, pop effect post, edit posts and so on convenient functions.

keep pace with the times and innovation, Discuz! NT 3 for SQL Serve>

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