Message Baidu search will be included in the search for more than 1 years blocked domain name

Baidu search department senior in informal party talks revealed that the face of SEOER behavior was crazy, Baidu is indeed a strong policy, once the site search for cheating was blocked, it is difficult to open, which in recent years the development of search, play a very important role.

07 years from the CN domain name popularity, reduced to 1 yuan, the largest such as Baidu search engine is a big challenge, if just blocked domain name, not to SEO the role of discipline, but also a waste of resources of the domain name. From last year to this year, Baidu search Department has been through technical and manual adjustment parameters, SEO and some of the collection site and no user value of the content of the screen.

Baidu search to Sina Technology Department editor said: now the Baidu search can be performed with domain name technology ability self closed, and not through the artificial method to lift the shield. Baidu will soon be screened for more than 1 years before the domain name, re included. Before there is a survey, and now the content of small and medium sites entertainment coverage has been as high as 700% of the user, so even if the release index, it is not necessarily able to immediately get the top of the search rankings. The website should have a good search rankings, still need the original content, and continuous updates, Baidu included Post Bar also have a lot of web search released in stationmaster well-known site also has been the search index system will automatically be shielded, automatically unlock search system.

Baidu is about to release the search site was first put forward in 06 years, at the time, Baidu search Department up to a total of 83 colleagues in charge of the site was included in the inspection and screening. The workload is very difficult, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. With the adjustment and optimization of Baidu technology, and Baidu will be massive customized flash cards, now basically do not need manual to shield and unsealing operation.

experts said that Baidu released blocked sites, is not only a response to Baidu and small website tense confrontation, a friendly attempt is Baidu and many website cooperation dialogue. Baidu needs to fight Google Adsense alliance, or need to align with many sites. At the same time. Baidu program shield is a search to improve itself, such as search keywords a domain name prefix, because Baidu is blocked not search, itself is an indicator of poor accuracy and authority of Baidu search.

industry insiders predict that Baidu released the masked domain name, will be launched before and after the Baidu C2C platform. At the same time, Baidu’s C2C platform will also be bundled Baidu alliance, the rapid occupation of the market through small and medium sites.

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