Webmaster nets daily broadcast Tencent Baidu coveted beauty said electricity supplier funding strand

more than 1 electric blasting funds Lianduanlie listed hopeless "and"

recently, the share network and Yao point 100 due to funding strand breaks were caught in the plight of layoffs and disruption operations. The Chinese companies have been frozen in the U.S. investment community, a number of U.S. investment banks and even claimed that 10 years do not touch the Chinese company, the industry is expected, the electricity supplier website will fall this year. But on the other hand, there are many well-known traditional enterprises are actively planning and recruitment, accelerate the layout of e-commerce. Is expected in 2013 will be through the Commission and self access channels into the way, pure electricity supplier seems to have become the winter of the traditional business of the spring.

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home appliance has been blasting the funding strand breaks listed hopeless scrimp and save

Investigation of

2 small network operators living conditions: Taobao part-time looks very beautiful

recently, selected by online voting "China ten new occupation risk ranking, Taobao ranked tenth in the ranking of owner on the black list. "Sleepless nights" to stay up to work is the most Taobao network and the day before the homely food, "Taobao sudden death event" for the industry sounded the alarm. In this period, reporters to Taobao as the representative of the small business survival status were investigated.

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part-time looks very beautiful

3 luxury electricity supplier development dilemma highlights: weak market growth is the main cause of

early in the morning to go to work, only to know that he was cut." Yesterday, many employees share network also released the news on the Internet, suddenly said he was to resign, but the Internet is also rumored layoffs this luxury e-commerce website to share network reach half. In this regard, the best network CEO Yang Peifeng on the Beijing Morning Post reporter said, "this figure is certainly exaggerated, but the company does strategic adjustment involves a number of staff turnover, which is a change in the strategic direction of the company, the future will focus more on profits."

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luxury electricity supplier development dilemma highlights: weak market growth is the main cause of

4 social shopping guide: overrated and expected

in the electricity supplier, such as the spread of bacteria era, social shopping guide how important?

first look at North American market performance. In March 2012 the international well-known market research agency Bizrate Insights has a research, 32% of online shopping users in North America Pinterest like social photo sharing website to see pictures and buy the products, of which 26% of users click on the picture to the retailer website to buy 27% of online shopping, users see on social networking sites.

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