Help cross border electricity supplier to sweep obstacles Alibaba acquisition of China’s most popula

language has been a major obstacle to the development of cross-border electricity supplier, Alibaba simply acquired China’s largest crowdsourcing translation company.


the afternoon of August 20th, the Alibaba to interface news reporters that has been completed on the 365 translation companies acquired at the end of July, the acquisition amount not to disclose.

the acquisition process by the Alibaba ( to promote the completion of the main, the acquisition is based on the translation management system based on the 365 translation of all assets.

at the same time, after the acquisition of the core of the 365 translation team will also be used for the construction of the next generation of Alibaba artificial translation platform to supplement the Alibaba itself is not a small translation team. All translation resources will serve all of Alibaba’s business in international trade, including, Tmall international, fast selling, etc..

founder Liu Yu told 365 translation interface news reporters: "now the language services industry there are still many pain points, including the interpreter’s treatment, management, quality control, now 365 translation and Alibaba, is to solve these problems. So that the whole process of translation of the Internet, to solve the problem of communication between people and nature, for more small and medium enterprises."

a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises want to export to abroad, but the language is a big barrier, coupled with the field of foreign trade of translation also has special requirements: fast, accurate, fragmentation, and the current Machine Translation means is also very difficult to achieve the speed and quality requirements, Machine Translation has become a common means of assisted proofreading.

365 was established in 2011, the year the real Angel Fund completed the first round of financing, 2013 was also the broadband capital investment.

from the scale, the 365 translation is Crowdsourcing translation provider in the country’s largest flagship part-time interpreter 24 hours Crowdsourcing translation mode in the translation process control, translators and interpreters Translation Library, resource allocation, task distribution and return mechanism, quality control have formed its own pattern. This is also the main reason for the acquisition of the company Alibaba.

according to the official website of the 365 translation data show that the translation has a full-time translator 500, the average translation experience 3-5 years, a part-time interpreter thousands of people. The main languages are English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and russian. Founder Liu Yu graduated from the New York Institute of Vassar, who worked in DMG media, will be responsible for new project development and development; Wang Haibo served as a large traditional translation company transn national sales department responsible person, currently in charge of strategic cooperation and customer management.

interface news reporter login 365 translation website found that users need to continue to use the service, the need to re sign the "translation service agreement", and the agreement has been in the main 365

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