Chinese people moved to pick up 46 sites set off a new wave of Spring Festival Network


Henan Boai laid-off worker Wang Qiuxia (left) cut the liver to save the elder sister

net Changsha February 11th news (reporter Yu Xiangyang) Xiao Dan, 41849 votes; 41638 votes; Meng Xiangbin, Xu Yunling, 29804 votes…… Click on the "Xiao Dan" light music in the ears immediately filled the page, instantly open, Xiao Dan for the NetEase, Xiao Dan audio users pay New Year’s call wish, news event replay content increases — this is the NetEase for "moving Chinese people" by the opening of the project (

Although the snow began to melt,

wind blow, people are still immersed in the joy of spring festival atmosphere, but the Red Net launched by the Information Office of the State Council, to guide the 46 central key news websites, the provincial key news websites and well-known commercial websites jointly organized the "moved China small contest, is set off a wave of network frenzy (

this afternoon, the reporter found that in each big website, "touched China little" topics were hung in a prominent position, focus on recommendation, and popular.

Sohu News Center in the picture below, the first network media moved to China’s small selection of 15 plus black font is quite dazzling (


project (, the "small people" ten moved to China order line, each of the "small" people have both profiles, and images, convenient user selection. Until 16:10 today, a total of 12396 users vote, with 7147 votes in the first temporary Fang Yu min.

in the northeast of the network in the topic (, users also recommend a lot of think can move China, the little man". Netizen "Maya" recommended a hunt for suspects and heroic sacrifice for the police, and allotted the photos ( Some netizens also volunteered, published a blog and email address.


sports network also through a variety of ways to the majority of users collect the "small people", from the website news that sports network users can send mail to shu>

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