Tmall eleven launched a two year service without paying a fee

sina science and technology news on November 4th morning news, Tmall today announced that in this year’s double 11 day, Tmall installment purchase will launch the 11 phase of the 0 installment service. Consumers can zero down payment to buy goods, double eleven day bill can also take a year to slowly return, and there is no fee.


installment purchase business by ant micro loan (formerly Ali small loan) joint development of Tmall, according to the real name of the user consumption data calculation installment purchase amount, the user can credit consumption.

at present, the staging of Tmall to provide conventional staging has 3, 6, 9, of which, the fee for the 3 phase is zero. Compared with the other term stage can be used to purchase goods category, the double 11 day, "11 0 fee" support commodity will focus on coverage of Tmall Electric City and home decoration and other categories of goods, including Haier, TCL, Midea, PHILPS, Braun and other domestic almost all small household electrical appliances brand, and many brands of digital 3C, including Apple’s iPhone6 mobile phone.

with the purchase of the 11 phase of the ultra long period of Tmall, Tmall and the balance of the purchase of the purchase of the balance of treasure, but also more to earn some money. For example, if 11 is ready to spend $10000, put all the money into the balance of treasure, not only can increase the amount of available Tmall installment purchase, income or all belong to their own. Try to use Tmall double eleven installment purchase amount provided by the consumer to choose, even to the balance of treasure funds in the monthly repayment withholding, 11 months later, the bill also finished, can get 200 yuan of income.

double eleven ago, Tmall phased purchase completed on Taobao, Tmall wireless client coverage. Now, regardless of the consumer through the PC, or by mobile devices, can be used Tmall staging. (munan)

attached: Tmall installment purchase description

1, how to open the need to bind credit card?

Tmall stage does not need to bind any credit card, do not need to do the procedures for the consumer card.

The use of Tmall

staging is very simple, consumers browse Tmall support stage product page, if you meet Tmall customers access stage qualification, can directly select the corresponding stage, the system will automatically guide consumers to confirm opening;

if the consumer has not been staging access, or choose a commodity more than their own staging facility, can be guided by operating system meet the balance of treasure.

How to determine the amount of

2, Tmall installment purchase is not the higher the amount of consumption in the previous Tmall can be used for the higher the amount of the quota or the higher the level of Tmall membership can be used on the higher the amount of


Tmall installment purchase is the ant micro loan through the complex big data operations, combined with the risk control model, in line with the quality of the consumer to determine the amount of available installments. The amount of confirmation, and consumers in Tmall’s consumption, accounts and other related data, but not simple

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