2 billion years brewmaster network is not to make money but have a new set of playing electric

the afternoon of April 21st, brewmaster network announced the 2015 annual report, this is the brewmaster network of three new board after the listing of the first report card.

statements from the data we can understand that the brewmaster network last year achieved operating income of 2 billion 192 million yuan, 1 billion 578 million yuan in 2014, an increase of 38.93%. Operating profit increased from -2.8 in 2014 to -2.5 billion in 2015.


the brewmaster net sales costs accounted for the proportion of revenue decreased from 34.87% in 2015 to 24.11% in 2014, administrative expenses to total operating income ratio decreased from 7.62% in 2015 to 5.35% in 2014. Thus, brewmaster network in internal business processes and operations management, has greatly improved the efficiency. However, the data show that last year brewmaster network gross margin compared to a decline in 2014, down from 25.80% in 2014 to 18.71% in 2015. It is understood that the brewmaster network operating income mainly comes from the wine sales and technical service revenue. The proportion of beverage sales and services increased from 85.42% in 2014 to 2015, the gross margin of technical services accounted for the proportion of revenue decreased from the year of 2014 to $14.58% in the year of 2015 to $6.31% in.

fact, brewmaster network in 2015 conducted a series of strategic deployment and action can be reflected in the above data.

first in 2015, brewmaster network constantly for wine enterprises and brands to develop electricity supplier sales, customized products. For example, in cooperation with Guizhou Taiwan launched the "Taiwan wine sauce"; in cooperation with COFCO launched "Mouton cadet Wine version of the Cannes Film Festival"; in cooperation with the Qufu Confucius launched "from afar"; and the launch of "Dong ho Dong Xiang"; and Sichuan Shuijingfang launched cooperation "well Luxuries" etc.. These custom designed pin product greatly improves the cost structure of the brewmaster network, the wine sales stable gross margin business.

second, brewmaster network’s B2B business, namely brewmaster group, from 2014 to 116 million yuan in 2015 rose to 632 million yuan, an increase of 445.71%. Can be said to focus on the construction of B2B brewmaster network business, has accumulated resources with brewmaster network online and offline to achieve industry-leading sales.

third, from the beginning of 2015, brewmaster network launched a layout of the liquor retail line, strategic investment of liquor chain mpsj and Hualong wine line. Data show that the name of the family achieved revenue of 208 million last year, a substantial increase of 146.79% year on year, Hualong wine line is also the layout of the country, a large expansion of stores. And this is the brewmaster network has brought good sales revenue.

for the brewmaster network is not yet profitable, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng said, there is no quick profit > select

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