Alipay launched a community marketing tool for micro payment and customer integration marketing

March 10th, the first Alipay officially launched microblogging community marketing tool, the tool is positioned for businesses to provide payment and marketing based on SNS. The business through the microblogging issued coupons, users can use Alipay to complete the purchase, payment attributable to public welfare projects, the formation of the fusion community + pay + marketing + welfare.


previously, Alipay launched the Taobao platform does not depend on the security transaction service, convenient for users to carry out secondary trading small secured in the forum, micro-blog etc.. The micro passenger is more market-oriented tools for businesses.

it is understood that after the micro channel ( on the line, businesses can choose to enter the background of the coupons, and determine the price. After the completion of the release of the information can be widely sent to micro-blog, watercress, Renren, Kaixin, forums and other SNS communities. After the user on the page to buy, that is, get the corresponding discount code, you can go to the business department consumption. The business will also be statistics to the characteristics of non confidential user groups to further enhance the effectiveness of marketing. The proceeds from the sale of coupons will be used as charitable funds to help the community of small public projects. If the merchant does not honor the preferential content, users can also get Alipay refund.

currently, F group, red child, intime network, music Amoy network, love net, Justyle men and other more than and 10 domestic B2C website and group purchase website has been in the microblogging issued coupons, price is 1 cents, attracted more than 5 thousand users to buy.

"this is a valuable, we hope that we can see the possibilities to show when the payment, combined with the community’s security." Person in charge of the project, the white crow said the move is an attempt to accelerate the integration of community and payment. It is reported that Alipay minivan will also release more plug-ins based on the community and gradually improve the marketing function, background.

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