Venture capital talent strategy into the cold mode to keep people from poaching strategy

a year ago, lack of people is almost a common phenomenon in the venture capital sector. Pay attention to the "human sea tactics" in the industry, "go, job hopping to venture capital" became a buzzword.

however, this year, the macro economy is facing greater downward pressure, venture capital industry also had to adjust the pace of investment. In July 11th at the twelfth session of the China venture capital and private equity investment in the mid forum ", the Qing Branch Group Chairman Ni Zhengdong said that in the first half of this year, the private equity and venture capital investment industry (PE/VC) were significantly decreased.

reporter learned that, facing the adjustment, many industry insiders said this is not a bad thing, venture capital institutions will pay more attention to personnel training system, pay more attention to provide value-added services for enterprises, establish a more benign investment chain.

fund-raising talent worth climbing

talent shortage of investment institutions, one of the most important reason is the increase in the size of the fund’s institutions and business expansion." Hit group analyst Feng Po frankly, with the establishment of the new and old Everfount fund fund two and three funds need more talents. Statistical data from the hit group shows that in July 2011, China PE/VC investment market is only 20 (including first completed) funds to complete the prospectus, a total of $3 billion 123 million.

at that time, in the case of a good market, many institutions actively in the layout of the country, but also lead to lack of a reason. It is reported that the traditional PE or VC, generally only in Beijing and Shanghai set up two offices, some foreign currency funds will choose Hongkong as the office. We look for the project, talk about the project, and even grab the project, by the fast, accurate, stable, which directly led to the increasing number of PE/VC agencies in the country to choose representatives.

now, looking back a year ago, people can not help but feel the cruel market. Data show that in the first half of this year, PE fund-raising difficulties, the whole industry to raise the total amount fell by nearly 8, the current situation is the lowest point after the financial crisis.

winter occasion, venture capital institutions, although it has revealed the trend of streamlining staff, but still lack of fund-raising talent. From the private bank and trust company and master the fund-raising channels by hitherto unknown talent sought, or they can get millions of dollars in salary, or can obtain up to 2 percentage points in the prospectus Commission plus long-term dividends.

It is reported that the current

, multi-channel fund-raising has become the common choice of the PE, because of repeated commitment of funds is not in place, those who used to be considered LP limited partner mainstream group of rich people gradually favored by the local grassroots institutions PE, listed companies, investors, government backed financial funds more and more PE sought after. From the end of last year, PE/VC fund-raising difficulties, can help bring them to raise funds for talent was extremely popular, and has become the current most popular PE circles.

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