Automotive electricity supplier first year to make it a rule

2013 Chinese count automotive Internet memorabilia industry, automotive electricity supplier is a noteworthy thing.

eleven during the double, car electricity supplier to a dark horse posture reached the electricity supplier siege, played a focus all the attention, but also caused numerous disputes. Is it really possible to sell a car on the Internet? What’s the difference between selling a car online and selling a car on the Internet? What’s the point of selling a car on the Internet to attract consumers? 4S store will not be in conflict with it?

although there are too many questions need to be answered, the latest data but we still look at the December 2nd car home administrative micro-blog released: as of December 2nd at noon, the car home 17776 orders in the Car Buying crazy festival, nearly 130 million vehicles were put away; there are 8267 car purchase invoice upload, at the same time according to participate in Car Buying section of the dealer feedback, as well as more than 4000 vehicles have been car but did not upload invoices.

double eleven over half a month, both of the 12 are coming, the car’s home to publish detailed data, but also to the specific number of single transaction, the number of invoices, the car home statistics work seriously. Why is it announced at the moment?

According to the

car home said, car electricity supplier, not even a single online transaction, must line shop owners to real car, and Car Buying invoice, which is an electric car’s complete shopping process. "We have been waiting for the owner of the invoice upload, even if slowly, but it is also the essential part of Car Buying online, online automotive electricity supplier not to declare how many transactions under the singular."

with the previous day, Tmall automobile Jingdong online car activities are not published data, and the double eleven car home, only one to achieve a 2 billion 600 million volume. Tmall’s performance after the double eleven Chanyu announced 13, 10 thousand and 700 of the total order quantity, order 800 million. Overall, this moment, it can be said that the electricity supplier really came!

to the automotive electricity supplier legislation

from the November 11th zero three hours in Zhongguancun electronic 17 storey building, car home team are crazy Car Buying Festival last rehearsal. From the car, payment channels to the SMS channel, testing the water for the first time the car’s electric car home to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong in every aspect.

November 10th 23 points, technical staff pressed the switch key, select the official start of the car.

twenty-five hours later, the time frame in November 12th at 0 points. Car home a total of 17776 cars, orders amounted to $2 billion 643 million. At the same time, the headquarters of Tmall on the display, 35 billion of the turnover again refresh history, Tmall reached 10 thousand and 700 of the total order quantity, order 800 million, for a comprehensive electricity supplier, is also a good answer.

After eleven double

, the electricity supplier transcripts and Tmall impressively eye-catching addition to the home of the car there are four words: Automotive electricity supplier.

summarize this double

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