Adsense network broadcast AcFun suspected of eight years without a license to operate Google return

1 on the side of the United States after the end of the electricity giant how?  

as one of the three major domestic white giant, the United States in the enjoyment of the rapid development of home appliance subsidies dividends, but also bear the impact of policy exit.

and other enterprises in this industry, the outside call us, began the usual "traditional home appliance enterprises", although the home appliance industry development but a few decades in China, but in the face of the slowdown, the Internet intrusion of reality, this is not a long history of the industry, has been hit by the traditional label. When the need for change.

in the dividend and the impact of the Internet under the weight of two, the United States had to re-examine its own operations, channels, products and internal management, and the corresponding adjustments.

2 Google regression, for Chinese enterprises is a blessing or a curse?  

August 2015, Google was the company structure adjustment, focus on Internet business "new Google" head of Sundar · Pichai (Sundar Pichai) on the expression of interest in the market very early for Chinese. In February this year, he had told the media that Google intends to return to the mainland market. He believes that a large number of Android users, Chinese developers have great interest in Google Play, the Chinese market has great opportunities. Google hopes to find a model, can also play a support platform, the future, Google also has the opportunity to provide other services." Recently, Android Wear began to support the Chinese, with the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to cooperate with the Chinese version of the pre installed Google Play, and so a series of actions, has become the focus of attention of the industry.

one, Google’s return to the Chinese market, the three drivers

no matter when the exit or return to today, driven by commercial interests — after all or nothing is both of the heavy, two evils of the pros and cons to consider.

3.P2P platform over a thousand questions at the end of the foot curse can break  

with the introduction of the industry, the basic law, in July this year, Internet banking has entered a new stage. However, in the case of the industry is still not looking forward to the regulatory details of the landing, the lack of asset allocation, the emergence of P2P net loan platform to accelerate the layout of the asset side. It is understood that in the macroeconomic situation has not yet improved significantly, China’s banking sector is facing a rising rate of adverse pressure.

near the end of the year, P2P net loan industry will be affected and the reproduction of "run away" tide? Investor demand for funds will bring liquidity pressure to the P2P platform? Each platform will take what measures? Investors what matters needing attention in the choice of platform? In this regard, the "Daily Economic news" reporter conducted a survey interview.

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