WeChat circle of friends cheap buy fake

today’s WeChat circle of friends, often see someone recommend "conscience purchasing" to half off or even eighty percent off of the low price, marketing all kinds of brand-name perfume, facial mask, cosmetics. There are what mystery? Recently, the Guangzhou Baiyun police combat campaigns in the "3+2" special, destroyed a large warehouse and seized fake fake brand-name cosmetics, a well-known international brand of skin care products more than 1000 pieces, some foreign well-known brand skincare suit, air cushion BB cream and more than 4000 pieces, the estimated value of about more than 190 yuan rmb. Police found that in this warehouse to get fake is a number of micro network vendors and other sellers.

conscience purchasing from Baiyun District

Baiyun police combat campaigns in the special "3+2" ("3" refers to the drug-related, mafia evil, robbery involving special, "2" refers to the fake food and medicine, involved in the fraud special), received a number of fake information, some of which are directed against the Jingtai street, a residential floor of a warehouse library. In March 26th, police raids on the spot, in the warehouse and seized a well-known international brand of skin care products more than 1000 pieces, some foreign well-known brand skincare suit, cushion BB cream and more than 4000 pieces, preliminary estimates involving the value of about 190 yuan.

police arrested suspected of selling counterfeit trademark goods stored in the field of Chen Liang (male, 18 years old, Cantonese), he has been detained. It is understood that these brands in cosmetics have a large part of it is quite popular in the high-end brand recently on the Internet, watch a few genuine from the packaging.

micro business know fake wig to deceive people experience post

police, after the micro business to take the goods, will be packaged in a smart way marketing, on the network, WeChat promotion, to achieve sales goals. Some experience to post, micro packing into the professional conscience of overseas purchasing; some will be some fake packaging more luxurious, claiming to be the foreign luxury Limited Edition (actually no foreign), the domestic store can not buy. Of course, with respect to the counter price is very close to the people price. To a genuine market price of more than 400 yuan Dior perfume set, for example, conscience purchasing fake less than $200. The purchase price of the derivative with only tens of dollars, great profit.

also taught how to in the online selling

day before reporters to the Baiyun District some cosmetics wholesale market visits found that someone did in the street peddling promotion "licensed". Two people hold drawings to the reporter to sell goods, when reporters expressed interest, the two immediately with a reporter to see the goods. "Our licensed very cost-effective, only the market price of about 80 percent off, enough to make a profit." Two people also told reporters how to sell on the Internet, said: a lot of people on the Internet are purchasing goods from me, it is by bragging, no one will really get the goods to compare, generally nothing."

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