Ape bank completed the D round of 60 million financing will be on line earnings program

sina science and technology news on March 30th morning news, online education institutions ape question library officially confirmed to Sina Technology, has completed a new round of $60 million financing, valued at $360 million.

it is understood that the current round of investors in addition to ape exam the first two rounds of investors China latitude and IDG capital, also joined the two private equity investment fund, respectively is the lead investor in the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund (CMC Capital Partners) and New Horizon Capital (New Horizon Capital). Yi Kai capital for the current round of financing the exclusive financial adviser.

CEO, ape exam founder Li Yong said, after this round of financing, "will be applied to the evaluation of student data and teaching, the teaching process of personalized and adaptive, thus greatly enhance the efficiency of learning."

Li Yong revealed that the ape test questions will be launched in the near future based on data mining and personalized learning platform for direct counseling".

according to the above information, ape counseling platform will become the most important source of income in the future of the ape test company, if the platform can be successfully promoted, ape exam or will take to achieve the listing plan.

according to the data released by the company ape exam, ape exam has 13 million student users, in January this year on the line Photo Title Search APP "2005 title search, now also won 6 million users. In addition to providing free practice questions with the knowledge assessment on the mobile phone service to the user, but also through the intelligent algorithm of student data analysis and mining, evaluate the ability of each student, and according to the ability of intelligent questions, meet the students outside of the classroom personalized learning needs.

in fact, such as the ape exam of this kind of emerging online education company, to solve the long, China students have been facing the homogenization of learning path of individual ability difference and school social provided does not match the dilemma.

Chinese culture (CMC) chairman Li Ruigang said, CMC fully believe that the Internet on education and subversion of traditional industries and the future of this market potential outbreak, also agree that ape exam technology driven, get online education in the field of innovation breakthrough personalized products.

According to

news investment circles, ape exam of this round of financing in fact as early as in the Spring Festival has been completed, from the last round of financing only half the time, it also reflects the degree of hot online education industry in the capital market. In fact, only last week, a number of domestic and international online education industry appeared a few million dollars above the level of investment cases.

data show that the ape bank was founded in 2012, when the IDG capital of $2 million 200 thousand to get the A round of financing, and in 2013 by the latitude and longitude of China led investment, IDG capital and investment of $7 million B round of financing. In July last year, the completion of the C round of $15 million financing, valuation of $125 million, creating the online education startups

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