Henan to build the country’s largest logistics information platform for the country free of charge

            if each truck by reducing the mileage of 100 yuan per month to save fuel costs, the province’s vehicles can save $800 million a year. If the province’s vehicles can effectively reduce the no-load rate through the logistics information platform, it means that we re built a highway, equal to build an oil refinery in Henan." Lv Quande, director of the Henan Provincial Department of transportation road transportation in Anyang, organized by the modern logistics information conference to promote the eight hanging to the network, said.

            the only one professional logistics website free of charge for logistics professionals to provide services in Henan "eight hang nets", a powerful combination has gradually become the country’s largest logistics network platform.

            information asymmetry caused by empty driving


            modern logistics industry in China is still in the initial stage, the total cost of social logistics and GDP ratio is higher than l times in developed countries about  . It is estimated that the ratio of L percentage points per decrease, you can save logistics costs 200 billion yuan. Predictably, the free flow of information in the car, the owner is the only way to solve the traditional logistics industry, the logistics cost is saved and the information asymmetry.

              convenient highway, people often can see, a lot of empty trucks, heavy gasoline costs and transportation costs also let drivers complain incessantly. These are caused by the logistics market information asymmetry in the supply of goods.


            adapt to market demand, Henan Anyang Municipal Committee, vice mayor Li Hongwei planning, founded the "eight hang nets", become China’s first nationwide release of free freight logistics information the largest professional website. Through the website of Beijing branch and palm group in cooperation with China Mobile in Anyang, "eight hang nets" database as the foundation, the development of new logistics information system, mobile phone WAP client logistics system and logistics system, SMS satellite positioning system and network communication system, and "eight hang nets" portal, "logistics a library of six platforms".


              He Mingke, vice president of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said: "national logistics information platform"

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