nventory 2014 P2P net loan ten problem platform

note: as of the end of 2014, there have been at least 183 P2P net loan platform accident, only in December there are problems on the platform of 62, a record high. At the end of this year, there will be a huge problem of several P2P net loan platform was summarized, designed to help investors to summarize the fresh lesson, more rational conduct P2P net loan financing.

, five a platform for exchange, Zheng Xudong, swept away 700 million yuan

this is a comparable to the story, the hero of the story: Zheng Xudong, 45 years old, junior high school culture, in case of national debt in 2013 to set up 5 companies. If the P2P platform of the annual interest rate of 22%, 25% reward, you have no heart, why so high? It is only one reason: it is a liar.

scheme introduction: net loan suction gold, the text submitted by the Construction Bureau, trust fraud. Zheng Xudong through the letter of credit in Shenzhen Chong, Shanghai Feng Yi letter vote, Hangzhou Pro venture capital of these three net loan platform wantonly suction gold $7 hundred million.

to the letter of credit in Shenzhen, for example, look at the Swindlers Company look like. Buy the system net loan system, office location is good, but only about 10 employees, the company and the LOGO with an air of importance greatly. Focus came, the first risk control, the boss alone is responsible for the wind control fly it? Second, the borrower, only a large borrower, which is obviously self financing or forged borrowers.

in the end, the result is this: the boss can not help but open up second net loan platform, more gorgeous packaging. Packing A money, money packaging B circle, B packaging is more magnificent, more money ring. A gamble feast, everyone in the carnival, transportation funds in P2P, culture art trading platform, trust and other multiple circle loop. Finally, the collapse of the boss ran, a series of chain failures.

risk warning: 1, the leaders of junior high school culture; 2, high interest rates platform.

two, in the online, Chen Yanfang, "run away", lost 260 million yuan

this is an associated Sina micro wealth, and even affect the reputation of sina P2P platform.

the morning of December 16th, in the online publication of "corporate Chen Yanfang" letter of apology, Chen Yanfang said in the letter did not go abroad is to run away, the actual collection of enterprise loan. Not to mention the current impact to over 3000 investors, more than 260 million yuan of interest cannot be retrieved. Sina micro wealth two in financial products "Ying Hui Ying Bao" and "foreign trade" PP cat – "step on mine".

risk control thinking: bill financing is a bank acceptance bill as collateral, then the core of the risk control is the authenticity of the bill. P2P (micro signal: YI_P2P) in summary, online sources of risk to send fake, fake escrow, two financing (bills of cash, open loop operation, mint, misappropriation of funds).

platform suspicious points:


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