The largest WeChat suction powder company boss was arrested claiming to master 500 million users

"Liu Dengpan’s having an accident!"

on the morning of January 9th, a group of mobile internet marketing, many practitioners in the past ten years old counterparts, fight each other listening to Shenzhen new rookie Network Club CEO Liu Dengpan on suspicion of leaking a lot of customer information and data was taken away by the police investigation news. Previously, the company has been known with 500 million customer information, the annual income reached 70 million yuan, is the largest in Southern China WeChat marketing company, but it is in a dramatic way to usher in the new year.

this is not the end. Up to now, the new rookie WeChat suction powder business is still in normal operation, and said it would expand channels in more than and 200 cities nationwide franchisee, its agency fees also rose to $about 2000000 / year. Behind these seemingly crazy figures, opened the tip of the iceberg of the mobile Internet gray industry.

boss was taken away the company is still in normal operation

although the boss was taken away by the police, in January 13th, is located in the plum blossom villa residential areas in Shenzhen in the new rookie company, but still People are hurrying to and fro. Employees are still in the normal work, there are foreign customers come to listen to training courses.

he (Liu Dengpan) was arrested his personal matter, the company is still operating normally." The person in charge of more than the new rookie company said on "IT times" reporter, in December 19th last year, Liu Dengpan was seized by Shenzhen police investigation, competitors malicious lead, did not involve WeChat powder absorbing and training business, currently according to the customer’s fees are still normal in, "will be released this week."

according to business information, Liu Dengpan in November 2013 registered a company called Shenzhen Heart Network Limited company, mainly engaged in WeChat business plus powder machine. April 2014, he registered a new rookie cloud Network Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, and in the name of the new rookie club to carry out a series of micro shop operations training services.

reporter learned that this company is one of the largest in the WeChat powder, marketing training company in Southern China area, mainly for traditional enterprises and businesses to provide WeChat Taobao plus fans, micro shop service, charging mode is based on the membership system, divided into 168000/ years and 59800/ years of ordinary member member for life at present has attracted nearly 1800 domestic corporate customers.

in a new rookie promotion meeting, Wu Haijun, chairman of Shenzhou group personally arrived and announced that the future will provide 9000 square meters of office space and other ways to deepen cooperation with the new rookie. At the same time, the Shenzhou group also teamed up with the new rookie, launched a WeChat marketing focus on smart phones, the main positioning plus powder, precision powder and other functions.

Shenzhen WeChat users have been swept over the

public information on the new rookie in the 500 million declared master user data information, more than 18 million of WeChat’s user information, and can according to the user’s age, class, consumption habits and the ability to make precise analysis and.

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