nternet what Listen to these eight entrepreneurs how to say

Yu Yu Group jointly organized by handing and the Hurun Report of "the creation of era, we come to the first 2016 80 entrepreneurs theme summit" held in Beijing in April 26, 2016. The summit to "create era, we come" as the theme, aims to explore the "core issues a" the era of innovation, entrepreneurship, wealth, 80 entrepreneurs seek common characteristics.

in the forum link, interest installments founder Luo Min, Shimao Group Vice President Xu Shitan, Guo Wei, founder of public power Zhiyuan, Xu Xiao diamond bird co president and founder of CEO entertainment hero should book Ling, Kai Ying founder Wang Yue, solid gold shares chairman Sun Fengfeng, Shanghai Tim incense Industrial Company CEO Xu Taofang as a guest on "China Unicom world" as the topics discussed, and how to share their business is "Internet plus" how to react? The following forums record, star school (Startup-partner.com) compiled:

fun staging founder Luo Min: more identity + Internet

I agree more with "+ internet". The Internet is a medium, is a tool that allows people to do the industry has become more effective. For example, I do finance. Traditional banks to serve ten million of the borrower’s users, may need thousands of stores, may be opened in China’s hundreds of cities. For us, it may be one hundred engineers, with large data and network system can be in a second time to meet people who do not lend money to provide him with consumer financial services.

The essence of the traditional

format is not changed. Because of the Internet, because of the Internet, the efficiency becomes higher. So I agree that this is a tool that is "+ internet".

vice chairman of Shimao Group Board of directors Xu Shitan: the nature of change, but the role of

although the real estate industry is very traditional, but in fact is the largest industry, Yishoufang market last year close to 10 trillion. The Internet is of great help to us, but it is difficult to change the industry. I talked with Lei Jun, he said he could do real estate. I said maybe not. At last he didn’t do it. Land is monopolized by the government, land resources are the most scarce and most important resource in our industry. But it can help us.

for example, just mentioned sales, it can help me find customers more accurately. For example, the hotel, we have dozens of hotels, millions of tourists every year. The Internet can also help us find our customers more accurately, and we can interact more. Our stores have hundreds of billions of dollars a year, which can improve efficiency and profitability through the internet. The Internet is a tool for all walks of life to help, and we have a lot of improvement.

Internet has an impact on all walks of life, but it can not replace its essence. The essence of our real estate is to find a good city, good projects.

intelligent power founder Guo Wei: >

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