Shanda literature and change the intersection of interests and destiny

the most difficult to manage Chinese Internet company, why the core business and the team will split, it will be for the entire network literature industry brings new changes to what kind of


Xia Yongfeng

at the beginning of April 2013, President of Shanda literature, starting point Chinese network general manager Wu Wenhui officially from the grand departure.

this is a belated news, because in the whole of March, on the starting point Chinese network Shanda literature’s leaving the storm have already spread abroad. March 1st, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang said that Wu Wenhui received from various quarters to go, and report to the Royal Group Chairman Chen Tianqiao, and Wu Wenhui to the two person denied this news; March 6th Hou Xiaoqiang internal mail agreed starting point the founding team left, announced to take over the starting point; in March 11th, Chen Tianqiao stood in a storm in March 20th, Hou Xiaoqiang and Chen Tianqiao attend the starting point; the writer annual meeting, participants said, Shanda literature writer commitment to further enhance the welfare system. In this process, although Wu Wenhui is still in the grand literature, has been in a state of "sick".

Wu Wenhui is really sick. When he went to the "commercial value" in front of reporters, holding some medicine, hair, can obviously see the symptoms of fire; talk time long, obviously a tired look. He is the starting point of the home team last resigned, his resignation was submitted in March 25th, and early April will be able to leave, which shows the efficiency of the grand.

like him, Hou Xiaoqiang’s recent condition is not good, in mid March, the temples into white almost from the gray (shortly after he went to cut head), on the face of the iconic black rim of the eye is more thick.

this is not surprising, because in the grand literary division in the incident, two people in the heartland of high pressure, one left, one walk, have also been too much talk, also bear more compared with the daily work overload.

so much pressure, due to the tremendous impact of Shanda literature in China in 2013. It is not only the Chinese covered hundreds of millions of readers in network literature mainly production source, has a starting point Chinese network, Hongxiutianxiang, read novel, under the banyan tree, romance novels, and Xiaoxiang College so many websites, as a literary industry chain company, subsidiary is owned 3 Chinese world publishing company and recently established their own screenwriter company, content of radiation to the games, television and other forms of downstream. Single said the influence of the brand and network literature market share, Shanda literature almost no opponent.

and the starting point of the Chinese network is the most important asset Shanda literature. According to iResearch data, Shanda literature in 2011 accounted for more than 70% of the total market share of the site, which started the Chinese network exclusive of 43.8%.

from Shanda literature in June 2012 to the United States SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to submit the latest F-1/A file, you can see the rapid growth in recent years >

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