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1.Firefox Google YAHOO to abandon the default search engine


and Mozilla today announced the two companies signed a 5 year contract, YAHOO will become the default search engine in the Firefox browser PC and mobile terminal; and after Firefox search has been on to complete Google.

in December this year, YAHOO will also launch an enhanced version of the search for Firefox users, will also support Firefox are not tracking (Do Not Track) function. The contract also involves future product integration related matters, but the two companies did not disclose details.

In recent years

Firefox market share has declined, but still has 17% loyal users. According to the Mozilla CEO Chris Beard said, Firefox users produced each year nearly 100 billion search volume, the implication is that the deal will also allow YAHOO to make a fortune. In contrast, YAHOO has only 10% of the market share.

2 World Internet Conference observed: China is becoming the mainstream from the edge of  

Zhejiang Wuzhen, the long history of the ancient city from industrial civilization, but in the most intimate attitude to embrace the internet.

yesterday, at the first World Congress held in Wuzhen on the Internet, from around the world thousands of Internet entrepreneurs, government officials, experts and media reporters, between the shuttle in the south of the pavilion, bridges, stone lane and misty rain, around the "interconnection, sharing purpose of cohabitation, with new media Internet governance, innovation, cross-border electronic business, network security and the fight against cyber terrorism and other Internet topics.

Internet in China, compared to the Internet in the world has a more special meaning. The industrial revolution lags behind Europe and the United States, in the era of information and network revolution, with the ability to lead the world trend.

3 Baidu station search push independent home page enabled domain name online


November 20th hearing, according to news reports, in order to provide better services for users, Baidu search recently moved independent home, officially opened the two level domain name, and also launched three new features.

Baidu station search since the launch in 2013, has launched a novel, film, games, forums, four vertical industries, such as the introduction of the results page template and other major product initiatives. The new on-line forum exclusive template, the top of the page and setting function, the search results page entry style custom three new features. In addition, compared to the old platform, the new home in every step of the operation are equipped with the relevant help documentation, detailed and clear, at any time to solve a variety of problems, the ease of use of the product has been significantly improved.

4 WeChat new features on the line: WeChat even Wi-Fi &nbs>

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