Phone made in ndia Apple officially submitted detailed plans to the government of ndia

January 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Apple Corp plans to prepare in India made progress on Wednesday, the company’s executives to the country’s federal government made a detailed plan.

, however, there may still be some time before Apple’s permission to make a proposal in India, which is reported to involve an import tariff requiring deep cuts.

Apple executives to participate in the talks, including Vice President Priya Balasubramaniam. Apple said in a statement after the meeting, we have been working to develop business in India, and to provide the best products and services to our customers with pride, and we thank the government for a constructive and open dialogue, to further expand our business.

India is now one of Apple’s fastest growing markets, compared with last year’s iPhone in fiscal year 2016 sales growth of more than 50%. High growth mainly comes from the India local small fruit powder. With the launch of the 4G network, apple expects mobile phone sales will grow.

According to

IDC, the third quarter ahead of India intelligent mobile phone market brand: Samsung, followed by China and India brands, such as Lenovo and Micromax, mainly because they have different prices of products.

Apple had previously proposed to India, hoping to import refurbished mobile phones, low-cost to India price sensitive consumers to sell. The proposal was shot down by some government departments because of concerns that it could involve scrap products, leading to e-waste disposal.

manufacturing in India will also help Apple set up a wholly owned retail store in the country. According to the India rules, all foreign single brand retailers must purchase 30% of the products locally.

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