Two years of China Telecom love WiFi rely on to make money

for the development of WiFi operators have different views, especially after China Mobile cliff WiFi development, many people are skeptical of WiFi. People can not help but ask, with 4G, operators still need to do it WiFi operators can be profitable WiFi love WiFi launch, indicating the attitude of China Telecom. In the era of Internet plus China Telecom, hope that through innovation, to create a different WiFi.


attitude: WiFi positioning value management, and 4G differentiation

why China Telecom in the 4G era to develop WiFi I think there are three reasons:

first, in the three operators, China Telecom has the most powerful fixed network resources, which provides the most favorable conditions for the development of WiFi. WiFi as a natural extension of broadband and mobile Internet applications, the main network, has become the universal demand of Internet users in china. China Telecom is the world’s largest fiber-optic network, Asia’s largest cloud data center group, the effective combination of Gigabit exclusive broadband capabilities and the latest WiFi technology, launched the group level strategic products – love WiFi.

secondly, China Telecom hopes to revitalize the existing WiFi resources. At present, the number of China Telecom AP has reached about 1000000, all over the country’s 31 provinces, to achieve roaming in 35 countries. Revitalize these resources, help China Telecom grasp the new mobile Internet portal.

is more important, China Telecom hopes to love WiFi innovative development model to achieve value management. China Telecom said that WiFi business positioning has been extended from the fixed line, mobile diversion to the value of the business transformation. From the former to the main business to the management of the change from the provinces to the intensive operation of decentralized operations. Love WiFi will actively carry out sales and seek cooperation, the WiFi network into China Telecom’s fourth network".

at the same time, compared to 4G, love WiFi is deployed in the area of higher WiFi value in these areas are often covered by WiFi or customers intend to build WiFi. China Telecom just integrate it and provide a more secure WiFi network access services, so love WiFi and 4G business will not compete.

self built platform, access 1 million AP

China Telecom released last year, love WiFi, stressed that this is a group of strategic products, we can see the strong love for China Telecom WiFi determination. According to C114 China communications network to understand that, at present, China Telecom has more than 120 thousand national WiFi hot spots, the unified access to the AP of the United States WiFi unified operating platform for, after the operation of WiFi services. It is worth mentioning that, by May 2016, love WiFi platform will also upgrade the expansion, can >

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