Daily topics C round of financing 1 billion valuation rebate network adhere to the rebate mode

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 23rd news, recently announced by the international electricity supplier rebate network Japan Lotte investment area of nearly $100 million C round of financing. The completion of this round of financing, valuation of $1 billion rebate network will become a member of the club.

rebate was founded in 2006, currently has about 60000000 users, over 3 million unique visitors daily, monthly rebate amount more than 100 million yuan. With Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com, Amazon, shop No. 1, launched a cooperation.

rebate network business model is based on the integration of business resources, provide covering online and offline consumer rebate service for 360° users. When the user clicks on the link to the corresponding rebate to the merchant site shopping orders, businesses will provide users orders to pay the rebate a marketing expense. The cost of most of the rebate rebate form to return to the user.

started with a beautiful shopping guide and mogujie.com, for example, after the completion of financing, has been transformed to do electricity supplier operating platform. The rebate CEO Ge Yongchang stressed on many occasions, the rebate with mainstream business platform has formed a long-term cooperative relationship of mutual trust, the future will continue to adhere to the guide mode, not self business transformation.

said, "the rebate network with beautiful mogujie.com different, we always insist on doing the rebate mode, they are not suitable for trade, this is not our strategic direction." When talking about the rebate network and beauty said, mogujie.com and other vertical electric business competition, Ge Yongchang believes that the rebate network business model determines not to trade directly, but also because of this reason model, Jingdong, Alibaba and other giants set up a high degree of confidence.

According to the introduction of

rebate network, the rebate network user scale has nearly 70 million, of which the mobile terminal revenue accounted for more than 70%. Ge Yongchang said that the rebate network C round of financing is mainly used for construction of talent and new business investment. In addition, the rebate network will also consider the acquisition or investment business can be complementary industry company. Ge Yongchang said that the future will be more rebate network force in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, but mainly concentrated in the rebate model, cooperation and other cross-border electronic business platform.

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