Eleven Ali turnover 57 billion 100 million yuan where the customer has been down

[Abstract] in the background of the double eleven carnival, the biggest challenge for the platform providers is the ability of the server.

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on November 12th

with 24 o’clock last night, the bell rang, the "double eleven" electricity supplier shopping Carnival officially closed, Ali in a single day turnover of $57 billion 100 million, after the listing of the first two copies of the report card eleven.

in Ali’s headquarters in Hangzhou, Ma Yun (micro-blog) and is known as the man behind the – Alibaba group vice chairman Cai Chongxin also appeared in front of the media. Ali double eleven platform effect has even penetrated into the upper reaches of the manufacturing sector, according to the different needs of consumers, customized services.

but there is joy and sorrow. On the occasion of the celebration of Ali, the rest of the electricity supplier is also a lot to share a cup of soup, millet, Haier and other businesses in the electricity supplier to earn a pot full of carnival. As of 11 noon to 12 according to the data, there are 42 stores on the same day sales of more than 50 million of Tmall, has 12 stores in billions of dollars, millet official flagship store payment amount is exceeded 1 billion yuan.

more electronic business platform suffered paralysis dilemma. According to several media official micro-blog claimed that, in the past double eleven day, we went down for a few hours.

actually, in the background of the double eleven carnival, the biggest challenge is to accept the platform’s ability to withstand the server. Just yesterday, the beginning of the double eleven, the network is still a congestion, PC side, the mobile terminal has been difficult to pay some of the success of the phenomenon.

and eleven in the same day, many Tmall sellers are still single brush. In addition, because Ali, Jingdong and other major electricity supplier platform disclosed are transactions, but there are a lot of successful payment, not to cancel the order and return, which makes the actual performance figures are exaggerated to some extent.

and compared to the previous eleven double, mobile electricity supplier outbreak, cross-border electricity providers, fresh electricity providers and O2O play this year’s highlights. Especially in the field of real estate, including the traditional enterprise mobile phone, car and some life services have increased to 11 this year, double promotion efforts, and have embraced O2O, change the original line from the boycott by online use.

, for example, Suning and the United States and other groups are the main concept of O2O, it is through O2O, thousands of theaters, restaurants, hotels, KTV and many other entities under the line of cooperation is being heavily incorporated into the shopping spree. Especially in the eleven pairs of online auction real estate, millions of sets, which greatly stimulated the amount of transactions.

suning.com internal executives say this year with the Jingdong, Ali listed, let everyone stand in a unified industry starting line, fairness and transparency has improved. Eleven now from a single large, one day contention of a hundred schools of thought to multiple Day Carnival, berserk single online promotion to the online and offline interaction stage.


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