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poverty can not be a hammer sale, SAIC recently launched a cooperation with Alibaba group, the pilot can be copied to promote the electricity supplier long-term poverty alleviation model.

in July 31st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Alibaba group in Taihe County of Jiangxi province held a business poverty alleviation ceremony, the two sides will jointly Heilongjiang helping Fuyuan, Tongjiang City, Taihe County of Jiangxi province to carry out the business of poverty alleviation. At the meeting, Alibaba and more than three counties (cities) signed a cooperation framework agreement.


cooperation with the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the purpose is to explore a copy of the electricity supplier can promote the poverty alleviation model, the future will help Alibaba rural Taobao platform to promote the relevant experience to the country.

current electricity supplier poverty alleviation initiatives, mostly short-term form of agricultural promotion, it is difficult to form a long-term effect. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce and Alibaba joint poverty relief action, is focused on the establishment of a regular, long-term communication and working mechanism.

"is not to help the poverty alleviation poverty alleviation catch good", attended the launching ceremony of the deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Ma Zhengqi said that the establishment of long-term mechanism for the development of regional economy, regional economic development only, have the ability to get rid of poverty. Although the characteristics of different industries in different regions, but how to use the market approach to create a brand, how to cultivate talent, these experiences can be copied. In cooperation with ALI, SAIC will strengthen the overall planning for the rural electricity supplier to create poor counties to create a large environment, combined with the actual situation of the local policy support.

in order to ensure that the pilot areas of experience can be replicated, the agreement signed in July 31st, mainly on how to help grasp the county electricity supplier method agreed.

according to the agreement, the Alibaba will include Taobao, the number of output of rural resources, helping the county (city) training for all levels of personnel electricity supplier, will be through the ant Fuwang nongdai gold to provide loans to support farmers, helping county master market of agricultural and sideline products packaging and promotion of a series of business methods. At the same time, with the technical superiority of Ali, helping to promote the county (city) to strengthen the agricultural products traceability management. Eventually, in rural areas to establish trading, logistics, payment, finance, cloud computing, data and other electricity supplier infrastructure.

Jin Jianhang, President of Alibaba

group, said at the meeting, the experience of the electricity supplier to help the Alibaba, you can copy the promotion, giving people to fish, and then jointly create a fishing ground to achieve economic development. Today, helping the county’s output is not only financial assistance, assistance or aid industry personnel, but a set of new economic thinking under the independent business model.

Alibaba data show that as of the first half of 2016, the rural Taobao has been settled in 94 state-level poverty-stricken counties, the provincial poverty counties of 95. 2015 832 state-level poverty-stricken counties, in the retail platform Ali completed a total consumption of 150 billion yuan, according to the line of rural consumer goods than the line below the price of 20%

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