Taobao statement can not include registered information

reporter Miao Xiali – Zhu Guorong

morning news for the Beijing asked Taobao to stop illegal links, Taobao said yesterday that the sound, suspend the Registration Platform for the Beijing area. At the same time, the reporter found that Taobao life application module, in Shanghai and other places of the hospital registration service is still normal use. For the outside world questioned the risk of information leakage, Taobao said that the relevant module only provides a flow entrance for registration, registration will jump directly to the registration network to fill in the name, identity card and other personal information, Never mind and also said that with the registered net, only for the convenience of users registered doctor, as for access, hospital No. source reservation success tips, notify the relevant information of medical services provided by registered network, registered information is not included.

registration network also said in a statement on opened direct registration network entrance of the mind, in order to combat cattle down, cooperation between the two sides without any commercial interests in the cooperation, there is no people to charge any fees. Statistics show that the registered network is the National Health Planning Commission approved the consultation and medical guidance platform through the official website, source hosting, direct HIS, search links three ways of polymerization of the 600 key three hospital appointment registration resources, currently has 300 thousand medical students of the National Library of expertise in three hospitals, more than 70 thousand experts. Registration service.

Beijing stop registration network link, how the situation in Shanghai? Yesterday, Shanghai Shen Kang Hospital Development Center official told reporters, Shanghai medical service platform and the joint operation, seems normal, but the network cattle joint strike action has been carried out for more than half a month, according to data analysis, and investigation of suspicious account verify, has been blocked more than a dozen related shops. At present, there is no need to stop the registration of Taobao network intends to register.

According to reports, the Shanghai Medical Association booking service platform is based on the city’s health care reform requirements of the construction of public service platform, and support for mobile phone booking. Currently medical appointment service covering 34 hospitals in the city, the daily service volume of more than 2 people in more than three. Platform in the process of using real name registration, real name booking, real name authentication and other ways to curb cattle from the source. Through data analysis, Paimo suspicious account to strengthen the process of monitoring, blocking cattle. Since the beginning of the second half of last year, medical appointment platform has conducted 9 large-scale investigation, a total of more than 1500 suspected cattle account.

Shen Kang Hospital Development Center official also reminded the public, if found is taking users personal information, illegal behavior and alleged access to business interests, in a timely manner to Shanghai medical appointment service platform to report complaints. Once verified, will be seriously dealt with, if the circumstances are serious or widespread, can also require the stop registration network link.

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