Baidu Robin Li went to Shanghai to recruit technical talent pushing Box Computing


Baidu chairman Robin Li

news October 12th, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li at the Shanghai International Conference Center today Box Computing opening and integration of this technology and to attract talents in Colleges and universities.

it is reported that the concept is based on the calculation of the frame based on the Internet technology trends and user needs insight, in this year, Baidu Technology Innovation Conference was first proposed in August 18th.


in Shanghai, Robin Li also detailed frame two characteristics calculation, a fusion, one is open. The so-called integration, that is, to provide users with one-stop service based on the Internet, while opening up for the majority of applications, content service providers to build a platform for cooperation, and actively promote the industrialization of technology. Box computing emphasizes openness, encouraging technological innovation.

Robin Li said, based on the frame computing platform, any user can meet the needs of new technologies, new applications can be integrated in the box after the calculation, the immediate value of more than 300 million users to provide services.

informed sources, Baidu’s Shanghai Technology Bureau has revealed. Last year, Baidu R & D center was formally established in Shanghai, Baidu has become an important innovation base. Not long ago, just on the line of wireless products in Japan, is developed in Shanghai.

Baidu said, in order to accelerate the pace of industrialization frame calculation, is collaborating with the Shanghai scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning, and the first to join the Shanghai Jiaotong University established Box Computing joint laboratory, hope that through close cooperation, joint research and application category Box Computing, promote the industrialization of scientific research institutions.

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