From the Graigslist platform and network of classified information website

bustling about, 1st line, line two, line ten, Beijing subway to work every day most crowded, life is crowded and busy, stop on the road where the bus and subway station. Perhaps this is what I want to say that the classification of information website – the origin of the name of the site network bar.

platform network should be the originator of China classified information in the field, this is a website developed by word of mouth, the pace of development of its peak when only a few happy net website can match. The platform also became synonymous with classified information, of course, also cultivate the concept and understanding of the domestic users of classified information website, and later appeared in the market, 58, reputation, Kijiji a lot of classified information website, but later researchers did not have a reputation at that time reached high level network platform.

Craigslist—- a strange word that can’t be ignored

Classification information website

this is the most powerful name, for China users of this word is difficult to remember, Craigslist comes from the name of the founder of Craig Newmark, is named after such a personal name sites across the United States to become the most popular category information network station.

Craigslist site seems to think that the level of web designers have problems, but it is too simple to design a simple page is indeed an important factor in its success. Craigslist as a gathering place for life of classified information have some attributes of the search engine so let users the most short time to leave this page "Google on the maxim also the achievements of Craigslist this classification information site (of course, some people call it a vertical search).

platform network – China Craigslist stick to

familiar with the U.S. Internet industry, see the network platform ( that the platform inspired by Craigslist, the name "Zhantai platform" is a bit strange, but still consider to come up with that name. I do not know where the network platform is operating in the company, until now there has been no advertising on the site, the operation of the network platform mysterious and stubborn. This is a paranoid survival of the world, the network platform for their own ideas stick paranoid and abnormal, perhaps they want to cultivate Google that profit model.

if the classification information is a gold mine, then Craigslist is likely to become a company like Google, the site network adhere to the harsh user experience and convenience is ambitious. The value of the user and user habits need a longer period of time, when the training stage in the past, this user experience will be recognized as an important competitive power and barriers of the site itself. Chinese there is an old saying, "still waters", called on the site operators also apply. Stick to, is also a kind of competition, static also move >

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