We asked people who were 23 years old to step into the workplace

June graduation season is coming, there are a large number of former 22, 23, and a friend of the age of 24 to invest in the workplace (below), we take an intermediate number, collectively referred to as "the age of 23". We do not intend to use the "90" label, because the age span is too large, and we have always felt that such a division is not right.

we always want to see what happens to the next generation of people in the workplace…… Hoping to seize this group. We would like to say, rather than look at the market for young people’s analysis of the article, it is better to focus more directly on some of the targeted age groups, what they think, but also what.

the following us with a squad of "23 years" to talk: what do they see to the boss and work of this team? "23 year old" about 500 people, they come from the warp recruit new students focused company; and as Peking University, north, in Colleges and universities. The following we abstract some common features and clear-cut:

"23 years old" is how to treat the boss

, "the boss gave me a smile today, he was saying, ‘I really want to ha ha you face’?"

I have a good boss, because he has never been in the circle of friends to promote success in books."

"I actually and the boss in the tea room to discuss the" Crown Princess promotion ", so it should be to his Amway" addiction "……"

where you can’t see, they are so Tucao relationship with the boss. Of course, in this dial children seem to be, Tucao can not be narrowly equated with bad boss.

most of the "23 years" or a new job, they before the entry for the boss and the leadership of the stereotype is mostly derived from "the devil wears Prada", "Du Lala promotion", "no" and other TV dramas like, really meet the boss is the first time to live.

23 years old, the characteristics of

they for the boss of this creature, both fear and novelty, although face to face few words, but the heart must be very rich. How to make them sincerely convinced and willing to follow, is a very difficult thing, because the circuitry of the brain is somewhat different:

they hate being labeled, they pursue personality. That is to say, when a 23 year old man see here, have to sniff at…… They believe that I am me, is not the same color fireworks, they do not want to be seen as "XX school", "XX province", but hope that their own characteristics can be noticed by others.

their biggest characteristic is not innovation, nor rebellion, but love and hate. "I don’t know what I like, but I know exactly what I hate". So the majority of young people are more willing to go to trial, after all, only really tried to know their love, so their internship experience most of more than one species, five >

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