That 11 11 is the new business model and the traditional model of chess is contradictory

first, let us take a look at this a double eleven big release price data, according to the Alipay public data show: November 11th single day total sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan, of which Tmall mall accounts for the amount of $13 billion 200 million, Taobao accounted for the amount of 5 billion 900 million yuan. Compared to the full year eleven double price action over 200% growth. 2011 Tmall mall sales amounted to 3 billion 360 million yuan, Taobao total sales of $1 billion 940 million.

consumer shopping is still dominated by branded goods

through the data we can see that Taobao’s two platform, C2C mode sales as the Taobao fortune plays was significantly lower than that of B2C model of Tmall mall, this is certainly due to the publicity of Taobao Tmall mall this year, and on the other hand also said that in the consumer’s consumption habits. More inclined to buy in a trusted official brand shops. Since Taobao is the user to apply for their own management of the shop, shop credit can not be guaranteed, so Tmall came into being. Only pay enough margin to set up shop in Tmall, to effectively prevent the occurrence of fake shop fakes. Visible brand influence is still the most critical factor when consumers consider the purchase of products. The eleven best-selling products to consume a large amount of clothing, footwear based.

brand building can not be separated from offline

however, brand building can not be divorced from the line, on the one hand because of all the problems at present in the world under the environment of network still can not solve people’s life, people on the Internet time is increasing, but the network life time is generally not more than 60% of the normal life time, and not all the world consumers have the Internet at any time condition. On the one hand due to the existence of a large number of goods or the actual experience of personalized customization can be purchased products, such as furniture, decoration, real estate, cars and other consumer goods. Fully promote brand building is Ma Yun’s wishful thinking by line, look back at the TV has become household necessities in the past ten years, once as electronic products the most important family entertainment, TV advertising TV shopping is almost becoming a consumer led, and finally has become a small TV shopping brand, fake advertisements the platform. History is a repetitive process, network platform is now walking in the development of the television media on the road, if only through the network platform to build the brand does not have a long life, the line of traditional shops are not likely to disappear due to the emergence of online shopping, the traditional shops line is always the subject as to establish brand image, network promotion is only a supplement of this process, a combination of online and offline is the real oriented development. Complete online is not possible, under the full line is not suitable for the development of the times, only the combination of online and offline mode is the most suitable development model in the near future. This model is not a Taobao C2C or Tmall B2C, but recently fired in O2O e-commerce booming. Through the integration of online and offline resources, the front of the line to promote the traditional shops on the Internet

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