Taobao com thousand crown stores eat red card

shop credit level, is one of the main basis for the choice of online shopping businesses, but many shops hype false credit to achieve a high level of credit, but often misleading consumers.

today, small advertising hype credit jumped out Taobao want less. Called on its members to actively report fried letter website, united around the network supervision department jointly combat speculation credit black chain, playing nearly 8 months after the war, "hit the credit speculation yesterday, officially released a" combat speculation letter report ": according to the latest data show that as of now Taobao a total of 22459 credit businesses and speculation, the crown above the level of some 1327.

five crown stores, credit was false to

"now some of the crown shops are fried." Often soak in the online Lee complained that the shop’s low gold content.

But now Taobao

to resort to deceit crown seller also produced a red card. From April last year, Taobao has dealt with credit speculation sellers 22459, of which the crown above the seller reached 1327, including five of the 1 (crown seller member ID: Taoist Fang), four crown seller 8 (such as: lxsmh2008q, dream to know how much money the number, WCY, linbibo24175, and swimming) three crown 44 seller, two crown seller 202, a crown seller 1072.

these days a number of collections of the "Ice jeans genuine store" Amoy family who landed Taobao, was surprised to find that the crown shop was actually closed shop. The reason is that the shop was shut off involving serious credit hype behavior." Taobao responded.

at the beginning of this year, the store’s credit hype behavior exceeded 80% of the total turnover." staff told reporters, when the security inspection system for investigation of the credit "Ice crown stores genuine jeans store" business ID "catxia5187" speculation, immediately inform the merchant.

Although the

business provides a lot of logistics information and other documents, but Taobao through manual review thoroughly, and combined with the courier company’s number of logistics information, transaction information and documents found these shops do not match. As punishment, Taobao in February 4th on its implementation of the closure of the store.


said: to say their chance

in addition, it is noteworthy that the seller of the hype credit, credit rating in the largest seller of a drill, accounting for about 40%. information security director Ni Liang analysis, 1 drilling is the key turning point in the survival of the shop, and some do not trust the seller to seek credit, will rush into danger through the brush, to quickly improve the credit rating of credit.

Taobao network information security director Ni Liang said that the current second generation security inspection system through Taobao verification, manual audit, the whole network to report a series of initiatives, such as Taobao

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