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        original title: are you a more pure fun: startway watercress network to a one-stop high-quality network entry, explore new ways of community type electricity supplier

first saw the new address startway released on V2EX, the curious point inside, the first feeling is really home Hyun, made with parallax sliding effect introduced quite a sense of. Registered after landing, found the name of a one-stop high-quality network "really is not blowing, there was an early watercress temperament. Yi also admitted that he is the founder of spinach beet watercress watercress began to confound the hardcore user, after she closed the account, move to do their own startway network, that was 09 years ago, when she was still a freshman in america. Now she is with a small team of 11 people made new startway for a year, is considering whether or not to take a year off to do so.

startway is a new community, contains six sub modules, mutual fusion between modules. The hive is a type of label system intelligent encyclopedia, there are a variety of different types (hive), following a number of separate entries (hives), drinks, novels or movies have included, you can create a new and existing collection of honeycomb or honeycomb, honeycomb played in six sections in the database is the role of. Set exchange is a platform for users to display their works, but also for the market to reserve a potential source of goods. Square and the point is the place where we are free to exchange. The last line provides a place for music lovers to find excellent music stations.


at first glance will feel that this is a large and full web site, want to do everything, music radio books, movies and even electricity providers. Yi also said that spinach beet startway point "miscellaneous", but at least not so messy "bean". Although there are a variety of fields, but the temperament behind the content of the platform is consistent, not like watercress is full of "how to save small three" and the like. Miscellaneous also has its benefits, can meet the needs of users in an all-round way, enhance the stickiness of the website.

The new

startway network behind the core concept is very simple: a high-end user community, so that they can find inspiration, exchange ideas, explore new life here, on this basis, the intelligent recommendation engine, the electric elements, let the right one can touch on the commodity transaction. Spinach beet Yue said the most important thing is to keep this batch of high quality of the user, this group of people is the trendsetter, collar, artist, attract them, prosperity and development of the community can only talk about things behind. QWAY network on-line since March 21st of this year, registered users has exceeded 130 thousand, UV1-2 million, the average residence time of nearly 1 hours, many users are directly off the move to QWAY watercress.

community to do up, the next step is the electricity supplier. Yi think spinach beet.

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