stand to support the editor of the computer EndTo excellent author selection

the second quarter of 2007 outstanding author selection began
please in front of you love the author tick and fill the information you submit,


: if you know the story of the legendary grassroots webmaster, you can contact our editor QQ, contact at the bottom of the site.

voting method:
click on the left column " outstanding author list " five, the author selected you love the most and then submit, or their number by mail, mail etc. to read bridge.

voting e-mail:
for [email protected], please indicate in the email subject: the second quarter of 2007 outstanding author

mail address: Yuzhong District of Chongqing City Road double steel

deadline: July 24, 2007

note: readers vote please leave your contact details, we will be randomly selected from all the voting readers 10 lucky readers, and exquisite gifts.

today in July 10th, you are the first to see the LOGO of you, come to rob treasure activities, waiting for you to grab $50.

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