How to evaluate more than good Simple mouth cannon and gold vulgar speculation to marketing their o

Abstract: an enterprise can not say because of their limited capacity planning with Bo eyeball vulgar marketing of a person can not because of their poverty to crime, and then rely on the community one day, not because of the wrong Losers are always in the wrong., you can say things in pairs.


12 years, and he had a friendly discussion on micro-blog short.

because he said the curriculum screenshot retained 99%, I say nonsense elsewhere in the message, he finally said the development is not easy for everyone to support each other, help others, so I don’t speak. I simply express my point of view, that I am only objective to express their attitude, this is not good, not because you need to develop fraud.

after no intersection.

Because the

in Guangzhou, innovation Valley, micro-blog large circle, third party network business organizations of people know, lack of curriculum of the former employees, so I think according to the known information directly. The curriculum in the financing and profitability of water is no great wrong, since what is this person, rather than said, I also do not have a professional perspective to analyze the curriculum on the slot point of the business.

back to the people of the matter, if the curriculum CEO is a practical man, honest to do the appropriate user, talk about the number of users and revenue, such as the 40% exaggerated is 50%, I do not think too much, after all, I believe that not only the curriculum, the entire Internet start-up company, basically in the exaggerated financing the number is not what good tucao.

so, why are there so many people to black him, do not like him, or even hate him?

believe me, it is not because he is 90, because 90 itself is not what groove, so many good young people from all walks of life after 90, Li Xinhao, Ji Yichao, Zhao Baiwen, ye, and before the famous Tsinghua Han God, even according to the standard of Internet, make 10W-100W+ live products PM in this age, there are many, the better he 90 nobody to hard black, you have not thought about why


is very simple, because they took the absolute strength and the corresponding results, not rely on the simple mouth and gold.

they are more focused on doing things better, not through vulgar, false hype to marketing their own.

in the CEO, the curriculum itself anecdotal data in general, profitability is poor, the actual estimate is not how, purely by mouth and speculation to increase visibility, and behave very uncomfortable, no matter what is on show, asked on the left and right he Gu dry cargo, in addition to coding little story didn’t see share what it is, how to recruit high perspicacity, love


sees a lot of spectators speech:

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