The first batch of Guangzhou vegetables site failures distribution cost easy loss

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TechWeb editor: the markets do not run to crowded, just sit at home with a click of the mouse or a phone call, there will be the most fresh meat Vegetable & Fruit sent home, and the price in the market, even cheaper. Two or three years ago, quite stylish selling website temporarily, but reporters recently to visit Guangzhou, the former prosperous "good helper", "Yi 10000" the emergence of selling website has ceased to exist. The other was the industry benchmark known online vegetables daily more than 20 orders of the Dongchuan city business street, now shrinking to an average of January 8~10 orders, difficult to maintain.

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2009 opened Huayi million selling website, for half a year will not go, diverted to open the hotel ", as the first batch of Guangzhou vegetable network, Huayi 10000 Community Service Co. Ltd. founder Tan Wei on the online sale market is full of hope and expectation. Tan Wei told reporters, when he lived in Panyu Clifford, Panyu real estate residents are busy working, there is little time every day to visit the markets to buy food, and the area where the supermarket vegetable price is relatively high, thus smell opportunity, bold started selling vegetables net, main vegetable in 27 communities in Panyu the area of distribution services, including coverage of a number of real estate, "online vegetables did get many young white-collar workers and Indoorsman Indoorswoman favor opened in the beginning". However, in the entrepreneurial ambitions after half a year, Huayi million selling website has ceased to exist.

it is understood that the Guangzhou vegetables website has three forms: one is led by the government to run a group, is rooted in administrative division of private enterprises, there is a go high-end line organic meat suppliers to expand value-added services. As the name of "public" Dongchuan city street to spider web net selling food, still can not escape the embarrassment keep going by painstaking effort.

Zhang Liang, deputy director of Management Department of Guangzhou city Dongchuan street

Co. Ltd. founded in 2009 from the beginning has been responsible for the online selling business told reporters, 2009 net basket can order the goods more than 1000 kinds, basically some goods market, online shopping basket can see, and basket every month and every household will stand to engage in online promotional special offer. "Several favorable factors, then make the online selling vegetables is booming," Zhang Liang told reporters, 2009 online transactions a day selling vegetables can reach 500~600 yuan, a day at the peak of orders received more than and 20 orders, turnover of more than 1000 yuan, while the average number of months of this year and is not a number of orders in 2009 very few days, about 8~10. Zhang Liang said that the site is now a big problem whether the operation of online vegetables business funding sources, labor and equipment management is difficult to maintain.

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