Former president of the media in twenty first Century such as Shen Hao was transferred to the Shang

, according to Xinhua news agency, February 28th, Shanghai police revealed that the former president of the media in twenty-first Century, Shen Hao, Limited by Share Ltd, and so on more than 30 suspects were transferred to the prosecution of the day of the prosecution, involving a number of charges.

it is understood that the original twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd president Shen Hao more than 30 suspects involved in the crime of forced transaction crime, including the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on non state staff and the crime of bribery, embezzlement and other cases of individual crime, involving hundreds of billion yuan.

has been identified, since 2009, the financial weekly reported in twenty-first Century, twenty-first Century, twenty-first Century economic network media’s 3 media, 7 operating companies, with its extensive influence in the industry has, and Yun Yan Xin kylin and many other PR companies become a community of interests, with the listed company, IPO company on the stock price fell and the market disruption and fear related industry company reputation damage, to publish negative reports of blackmail, forcing hundreds of infringed company and signed a cooperation agreement to collect the "protection", "paid no smell". Especially Shen Hao as the twenty-first Century media Limited by Share Ltd president, through the development of the high evaluation index, the requirements under the media using negative reports and paid no smell the way of forcing infringed companies to scale and industrialization of illegal profiteering. In addition, Shen Hao et al used his position for personal profit illegally, involving millions of dollars.

September 3, 2014, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau informed: "Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked in the day before with the big news extortion case involving the twenty-first Century network editor and related management, editing, management personnel and Shanghai Yun Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin two people in charge of public relations firm 8 suspects have been taken criminal coercive measures according to law. Cases involving Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other provinces and dozens of enterprises." In September 25th of the same year, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that the twenty-first Century newspapers issuer Shen Hao, general manager Chen Dongyang and other 5 suspects were arrested the day, saying such persons on suspicion of extortion crime, the law has been taken criminal coercive measures.

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