To enter the field of ganji com dating on free market impact

day before, China classifieds site Ganji announced the largest and most complete, dating platform on-line in July 1st. Prior to the introduction of pre registration activities, has exceeded 100 thousand registered users mark. Go to the market the main push reliable dating dating, is different from general dating websites, dating platform based service free of charge.


Jiayuan, Lily network, cherish network dating website profit pattern is for membership fees, the launched a high-profile dating platform is a symbol of a slice of

? market vice president Chen Xu said, dating platform is one of 2011 strategic products, to meet the needs of users at present, do not consider profit.

According to the market vice president Chen Xu introduced since its inception, it has been working for the majority of Internet users to solve practical problems around, providing free information exchange platform for people to release, so that the majority of Internet users to enjoy the convenience of life information service is keenly aware of the local close. Before the launch of the market platform for dating, dating, one of the channel activity is also relatively strong popularity.

popular in the Jiangsu satellite TV "on both sides of the Changjiang River If You Are The One" became the major TV also began to imitate each other, now like a raging fire of Hunan TV "we meet it", Zhejiang TV’s "fall in love", and the dating show together and fire up all kinds of websites, such as Jiayuan, Lily network, cherish net.

married in Chinese is a rigid demand of the society, the social Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Li Yinhe recently led the students to complete a Beijing, Shanghai five city social survey: adult population, single population accounted for 12%, not to crowd into the marriage for 3.8% years. China’s cultural genes more emphasis on family, marriage is an option, so the marriage website in China is a market." Li Yinhe said.

it is understood that the current domestic mainstream dating sites to pay mode, "stamp" is the core of Jiayuan profit model, each priced 2 yuan, with a stamp suitor for favorite object must write. Compared to the Jiayuan "supermarket" model, Lily network take pack form, Lily and Lily through crystal launched two types of products, in 3 months, half a year, 1 years, 2 years for the time charge, Lily crystal as low as 299 yuan for 3 months. To network with "traditional pattern search + matchmaker, all registered users only upgrade" treasure ", can enjoy the matchmaker brokered services, unified price of 2999 yuan / year.

compares these dating sites, the reporter found that dating platform feature than perfect function, truly free, such as membership station online communication, see friends information are free, allows single men and women on the basis of understanding further communication, the mutual understanding, find another with their.

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