Content ecology is not only open hundreds of Baidu launched mobile Web Accelerator


technology news September 2nd afternoon news, Baidu officially announced the opening of Baidu 100 in the 2016 World Conference on overweight, content distribution. In order to ensure the content of the page reading fluency and user experience, Baidu technology simultaneously launched a mobile Web Accelerator (MIP).

MIP was recently launched by Baidu’s open source project, which is the core of opening a set of technical standards used in the mobile web, by providing the MIP-HTML specification, the MIP-JS runtime environment and the MIP-Cache page caching system, mobile web acceleration.

in other words, the MIP cache through the user to browse the page, but the page elements of miscellaneous without affecting restriction or extension based on the use of the case, to make the user smoother user experience, fast, within the same time can read more content.

at the same time, MIP will all resources (advertising, pictures, audio and video) to be standardized. When the real resource loading, all resource size can be inferred immediately and quickly to calculate the page layout, loading resources will not appear seamless, because the page layout and update frequently affect the user experience of reading.

at present, with the iterative update of the Internet technology, people’s demand for mobile terminal experience is also rising. If the user uses the mobile phone to search the news waiting time is too long will feel impatient, when the load is too slow to turn off the page.

based on this, Baidu launched the MIP project. MIP by reducing the size of the page, the search results from the faster completion of the page load, so that the page on the mobile device instantly open, browsing experience no less than the original App. Google has already been the AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, the purpose is to enhance the speed of user browsing the web.

According to Baidu search

Senior Product Marketing Manager Liu Lu introduced, with the help of MIP technology, can greatly improve the page loading speed and page switching fluency, make the page content in a more friendly way to reach users instantaneous arrival rate, improve 5%-40%, and bring multimedia immersion experience for users.

addition, for third party owners and advertisers, MIP supports various types of Web sites and advertising service providers to submit their own components, simply follow the MIP component development specifications for a simple transformation can be. For content providers can access the way through the CMS, the content will be directly available to Baidu, Baidu will be the content of these pages to the user in detail MIP.

finally, in addition to the webmaster can help speed up the page, the webmaster can also MIP page cache to Baidu CDN. As long as the MIP standard, you can use the MIP cache. (Li Gen)

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