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A5 (www.admin5.com) 17  stationmaster net news yesterday, September; domestic maternal electricity supplier honey bud announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, led by Baidu, the red capital, H  capital and other existing shareholders and a number of US private equity fund with investment, the latest valuation of nearly 1 billion dollars.

is the largest import Chinese honey bud baby brand sale mall, located in providing high quality for a growing middle class family Chinese one-stop global shopping experience. Honey bud honey bud baby, formally launched in March 2014, then in the same year in June and in December has been Sequoia Capital $20 million B round and H  Capital  $60 million C round of financing. Just a year and a half, has been the rapid growth of the domestic electricity supplier maternal leader.

this round of financing is not only the largest single financing in the history of China’s maternal and infant industry, but also means that Baidu honey bud get help in terms of traffic, big data and offline services. Some analysts pointed out that this round of financing or will lead to new changes in the pattern of China’s maternal and infant industry.

it is understood that the Baidu investment honey bud, in addition to a large amount of capital investment, will also use the platform advantage, commitment to give strong support in the flow of resources. With Baidu and flow of funds, coupled with a powerful operating system on the vertical accumulation of honey bud for many years, the United States had led investment that makes the baby tree "community flow + strong electricity supplier" advantage, was no longer visible. In this regard, there are industry analysts, according to honey bud, baby tree recent dynamic point of view, the future of the two sides will not only be limited to the fight in the field of conventional maternal and child products, will be extended to the mother and child non-standard products.

after the completion of the financing, Baidu big data will be fully open honey bud, honey bud can be based on the consumer’s personal information and transaction information, grasp the needs and concerns of the target population. Honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan said that the main reason for the choice of Baidu, Baidu can bring more possibilities for the future development of honey bud.

"a new round of financing shows that the capital market for honey bud recognized as vertical maternal electricity supplier No.1 status," said Liu Nan CEO, "a new round of financing is mainly used to strengthen the leading position, honey bud in the cross-border logistics network industry chain layout, brand promotion and user access, and to strengthen the IT infrastructure at the same time construction, honey bud will seek to diversify the products and services of Supply Chain Based on the line, the existing layout includes the layout of O2O and strategic cooperation in the field of red yellow and blue, and the establishment of Supply Chain Based on honey bud and users’ mommy ‘micro business system."

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