Tencent vice a large number of pornographic account thunder seized suspects arrested

Yesterday (September 14th)

news, announced the group Tencent thunder action project, since this year the "anti pornography net net 2014. Since the special action, the Tencent closed suspected prostitution WeChat account more than 70, suspected of spreading pornographic public account more than 3000, more than 90 porn QQ Feng Ting account, pornographic audio and video processing file hundreds of nearly one million, and prohibit the spread of malicious links. At the same time, the thunder action also jointly released by the Shenzhen police cracked the case of the use of the public platform for the dissemination of pornographic information.

Tencent thunder action relevant responsible person said, the company has organized a professional team to combat, actively seized on the platform of the malicious information, those who found pornographic pictures, video, text, links, etc., immediately banned closure, serious cases immediately back to the police. In early September, the team found that the public platform is called a "man * * *" account for obscure language, repeatedly by user interaction to reply, to push pornographic video, and even continue to urge users "civilized access, do not report". Tencent then feedback to the police in Shenzhen.

according to the police investigation, the public platform has more than 200 friends, public platform operators have to push others more than 2000 pornographic videos, and the suspect is hiding in a residential district in Shenzhen. In September 11th, police after investigation and surveillance, in Shenzhen city Longgang District Buji street a garden the suspects. According to the suspect Yang Mouwei (male, 23 years old, Hubei people) confession, the account was established in order to cause some of the concerns of Internet users. Currently, the suspect has been under criminal detention.

Tencent thunder action relevant responsible person said that the mobile Internet is closely combined with life, but also is illegal behavior of the network to the mobile Internet penetration, including pornography illegal information is constantly induced by various ways and channels, the erosion of the network environment. In this regard, the Tencent has been thorough investigation of all types of illegal pornography and other information, to crack down on the dissemination of pornographic information, through the network is committed to the fight against illegal acts of thunder action, fully in line with the national anti pornography net net 2014 special action.

Tencent professional team will be fully investigation the business of each platform, in the scene and the aspect of the product, those who found pornographic pictures, video, text, links, etc., immediately banned closure; audit strictly the content of cooperation provided by third parties, such as can not meet the requirements, will urge the partners close related content the plate, if the circumstances are serious will terminate the partnership; Tencent has opened the entrance to report on multiple platforms and products, and on-line 110.qq.com reporting platform, if users find malicious information in the process of the Internet, are available through the feedback reporting channels. The team will use 7*24 hours of uninterrupted human audit, once found violations will be dealt with immediately. For serious cases, the joint government departments to fight and deal with.

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