Cai Wensheng only 2 5 of the world’s nternet market in China the United States and half of ndia

Abstract: not only in Hongkong, Taiwan is very difficult to achieve the success of the Internet, even Japan and Germany have 100 million people, they are the top high-tech world, also do not very large Internet Co, the key point is to return to the user scale.


Lite notes

first, the advantages of China’s existing business:

1, the largest market

2, the most active capital environment

3, up to the most entrepreneurial

two, China’s Internet business iteration process:

1, copying the American model

2, Chinese style innovation

3, the world began to learn Chinese innovation

three, why should I invest you?

1, direction and trends are consistent with the


2, the ability to match resources and


3, do you have an excellent entrepreneurial quality?

four, Internet three characteristics: classification, Crowdsourcing, share

five, the future or now in the direction of the occurrence of the three business:

1, to optimize the allocation of idle resources;

2, the complex things simple, single function clear;

3, the transformation of the traditional business model, the transformation of the traditional industrial model.

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full version notes

, distinguished guests, fellow investment peers, and our cute entrepreneurs, good afternoon! Today we have ASIA BEAT (Asian entrepreneurship competition) in Xiamen this place, I feel particularly interesting, but in this region of Jimei. Here is the Jimei metro, in fact, today is my first time, just to turn a bit surprised, did not think of Xiamen island can be built so beautifully.

Xiamen has a place called Gulangyu Islet, is the landmark of Xiamen. The Gulangyu Islet was established because there are a lot of foreigners go to Gulangyu Islet venture, to build a house, then the same from Southeast Asia overseas Chinese entrepreneurs in Gulangyu Islet Chinese also built a house, and was included in many of the above to China nouveau riche entrepreneurs, so before the formation of Gulangyu Islet today. Gulangyu Islet not only left the house, in fact, created a lot of Chinese first: China first football stadium in Gulangyu Islet, Majohn first sports China Dr. first female gynecologists, Chinese Lin Qiaozhi, China first piano, so this place in Xiamen also can give birth to a lot of business first.


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