Sources said the Top100 10 million acquisition of a music

According to

July 18th news sources, recently the Top100 to $10 million acquisition of a musical. After the completion of the acquisition of the two companies will be the concept of China Pandora seek listing in the United states.

according to the source, the total price of the acquisition of $10 million, of which 5 million in cash, stock was $5 million. After the completion of the acquisition, music will become the largest legitimate online music company. According to industry analysis, one is to follow the United States Jujing acquisition of streaming music service provider Pandora, push the concept of "cloud music", and the concept of "Chinese Pandora" on the NASDAQ to seek listing.

Top100 is a well-known legal music download sites, Google China music partner. A music network is a well-known online music sites, including online radio, original platform, etc..

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