Daily topic Zhongguancun online or will be sold T vertical portals to eliminate

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 8th news, recent news that CBSi will sell Chinese Zhongguancun online’s IT website, only a few love card network website.

CBSi senior vice president Liu Xiaodong confirmed to the media, vertical portal Zhongguancun online will be independent from the CBSi group, and even does not exclude the possibility of future listing. For a lot of speculation that the industry will be involved in the Jingdong, Liu Xiaodong said the online action of Zhongguancun and Jingdong no relationship.

Zhongguancun was founded in March 1999 by the Beijing eight hundred million Space Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 to $100 million sold to the U.S. CNET media group. 2008 Zhongguancun online and the parent company CNET is the world’s largest radio broadcasting group Columbia group CBS spent $1 billion 800 million acquisition, merged into the Columbia Broadcasting Company interactive media group’s new CBSInteractive (CBSi).

as China’s first science and technology portal, Zhongguancun online is an information coverage nationwide and is located in the sales promotion of the IT interactive portal, is considered the Greater China region’s most commercially valuable IT professional portal. Is a collection of product data, professional information, video technology, interactive marketing as one of the composite media, but also the United States, Columbia broadcasting group interactive media company CBS Interactive flagship media in china.

in 2011, when the old IT vertical website IT world network outage, the industry has emerged to sing the voice of the bad mouthing IT website, there will be attributed to operational errors. But when CBSi to cut the Zhongguancun online, PChome and other vertical group website, when the end of the IT site may really come.

Zhongguancun online early rely on massive digital information, the evaluation, and adjacent to the Zhongguancun market advantage, the accumulation of a large number of users, with the first coverage of the professional product database, is the most authoritative and influential IT product database. But with the social networking site, as well as new media, especially the rise of electronic business platform, the early form of the Internet IT site has been slightly decline.

In 2010

reported on the market in the first half of the year China Internet advertising report, the average growth rate of around 25%, the fastest growth such as automobiles, network products, such as VANCL, Jingdong mall and so on, and only 5% of the growth of the IT industry.

with the gradual maturity of the IT market, people’s demand for products has shifted from the understanding of the direct purchase, which stimulated the rapid development of IT, digital business platform. In the Jingdong WeChat and other electricity providers and social networking platform under the impact of mobile phone, notebook and other traditional hardware vendors and channel providers are no longer simply confined to hard wide delivery, IT media industry becomes increasingly obvious shortcomings, thus promoting the industry to eliminate.


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